7Smoke Tennis 2018: Red Edition - It's Out!
By Mauritsio

The 7Smoke Tennis 2018: Red Edition has been released to the Steam Workshop!

Download it here!

It took us long enough, but it's finally all behind us. Tennis Red is playable now and we could not be more delighted! Ten levels, ten mappers and a whole lot of fun - at least we're pretty sure it's a fun experience. We've put quite a few hours into testing and balancing. But before you go into having a fun experience, maybe you want to hold off to play it the first time until our release event? Depending on how things go, we'll most likely be holding that one next week, but for now,
keep your eyes peeled around the 7Smoke Discord for sign-ups page.

Everything you could ever want to know about the mod itself is on the workshop page description. A talented cast of voice actors from the "Casting Call Club" community is joining us, voicing most of the main characters in the mod. But you'll notice some familiar voices as well! From Blue, Samson is returning, who you might know from this video, who played the Nightmare Lord in Tennis Blue. And 7Smokers are appearing in minor cameo's - Lapper Snapper and Ryason55 might show up at various points in the campaign - keep an ear out for them.

But you know what you should also keep an ear out for? Bench's original soundtrack! You may remember back in Blue, that the credits theme was an original composition by our member bench. Being a more active participant of Tennis on the Red side of things, he's committed to making more soundtracks this time including an introduction theme, credits theme and some songs for his own level. And he's released all these fine tunes on his very own SoundClound page, which also has the Blue credits theme. Check it out here!

Tennis Red has been in development for two years and is probably one of the more highly anticipated mods around the Serious Sam community. But I understand the question that might be on everyone's mind after Tennis Red is done - what's going to happen after this? Will there be more Tennis? A Tennis 2021, perhaps? The simple answer is... very likely not. At least not so soon. As you surely understand, Tennis was a huge undertaking from all our parts to create and, more importantly - coordinate. To follow it up with another one so soon might be asking too much of our time. In simpler terms - most of us are tired out from the journey. So you can say with relative safety that 2018 Red is the "final" Tennis campaign. But maybe a new team will show up in the future to take the reigns intead. You never know what will happen!