Event Recap: Week 35, 2019 (Take II)
By Vanya

Hello everyone!

For this week I'll be helping with the event recaps! So let's get down to business shall we?
(Sorry for the double post, original one looked very rubbish and horrible so I decided to give it another go just for it to look better)

Also special thanks to Mauritsio for helping me out with giving this post proper formatting!

Friday -- Underground Day!

Friday was Underground Day at 7Smoke, which means no "official" events were planned, but instead we gathered around to play some games on our own, and for this week we showed our artistic talent (and lack of it!) by playing Pictionary on Skribbl.io! We drew such masterpieces like a blue circle (?) resembling the color "blue" or a red circle (?) resembling the color "red".

Asides from those words that required lots of details to be explained, we also got some simpler ones like fingertip, being Star of David; sandwich with bacon; or nightclub being combined moon and spiked club. We also can't forget about Pan's favourite: a triangle, which most people started their drawing with. His anger made some members troll him by drawing 1 (or 10) triangles at beginning, change their nicknames to triangle or using 7Smoke's new Samium emoji, which for those of you who don't know, it's basically Sam's head textured onto a triangle. Make sure to use rectangles from now on!


Saturday -- Tennis 2018: Red Edition!

On Saturday we played the brand spanking new tennis release - Tennis Red Edition! With 2 servers full of eager 7Smokers looking to experience one of the best campaigns released for Fusion it was sure to be a good time. Plenty of memes and jokes were had for each server. In Server 2 we got to asking the real question, like why do they call Hudson "Spaceman" when everyone is a man or woman in space? Is it a slur? Is it a term of endearment? WE WILL NEVER KNOW! And let's not forget Dominator with his NSFW shenanigans and his one sided romance with our lovely protagonist.

(Screenshot taken by noam)


Sunday -- Ryason's Birthday Bash!

After playing Tennis Red on Saturday, what game do you think we played the next day? More Serious Sam, of course! Yep, double-dipping into Sam events this week. Why is that? Because we were all celebrating Ryason's birdsday (which was a week ago, but still) by playing his Procedural Skyways map!

Almost half of the players who were there changed their playermodels to Mystia to pay Ryason some respects. The event was doing great, and then Lapper came just in time to play on his most favorite map, called "The Longest Yard". After this the conversation about numbers against letters in quake 3 names has started. This conversation was so long however that nobody noticed how it changed to everyone talking about nasty Koala facts. Despite all this, the event carried on successfully and good times were had by all, but let me tell you, after hearing that conversation I certainly am glad that I'm not a koala!

(Screenshot taken by Ryason)

Note: As mentioned earlier, Mystia was a very important part of the event. 🐦