Mod on the Spot - Little Dreamers: Minigames
By The LAW

Welcome to the ninth episode of Mod on the Spot! In this episode we'll take a look at "Little Dreamers: Minigames" mod made by Psychesponge, aka TheLADman.

The campaign's design is simple - you're put in an arena, where you choose a sphere, each one giving you a different gameplay variation. It's not an ordinary mod where you pick up guns and shoot your way through 'til the end. In this mod you play as a spider from Serious Sam BFE with its abilities. On top of that, allied spiders will help you fight the enemies. Each variation will force allies to use different tactics, while the player must adapt and improvise to each variation in order to stay alive. Fight together, you're never alone in this mod. The AI is helpful and always trying its best in order to help the player stay alive.

The level design type at the moment is mostly just arenas. Some are smaller, some are bigger, but the core concept is the same - adapt and survive 'til the end.

Here is what LADMan shared with us about his campaign:

Q: How did the idea for this type of game mode come to you and when did you start developing it?

LADMan: I always adored spiders and wanted a game where you play as a spider. Sadly no game ever gave such a power to the player. I was also annoyed by the fact that there were no computer allies in Serious Sam. You're always alone.
As I learned SED I discovered its ability to create custom game titles. Back then I also listened to a lot of Infected Mushroom and wanted to adapt some sort of game to the music. When I hear the works of Infected Mushroom, I always think of spiders fighting some sort of enemies that look like monsters. After I discovered an ability to change the game title's playermodel to anything, I tried experimenting with Croteam's BFE spider model. At first it was a mess and it didn't fit anything without lots of tinkering. So I started to animate the spider's movement from scratch.
Take a look at the first very early days of the mod:

As time passed by it slowly became a player model with custom actions, combined with custom weapons made specifically for the mod. The first mod, called Little Dreamers came out at the 19th of December, 2018. It failed to meet people's expectations, but not without a reason. The mod was unstable, it had bad weapon handling and the levels were too simple and repetitive. I was seriously set aback. In 2019 I started fixing up all the mistakes I've made. Created lots of concepts, deleted lots of levels that didn't suit the mod and started over again. I started from scratch, basically. Development times were rough as I was alone and hardly talked to anybody about the project, so I had almost no motivation, but I carried on regardless of that. But alas, Little Dreamers: Minigames came to fruition. It's still in early development and I'm still working on it. It cuts the repetitiveness, fixes weapon handling, bringing it to a much better state, the gameplay is way more interesting, there were more levels from the start and still being worked on and lots of allies that roam around the fields and help the player. You're never alone anymore. The core idea of the mod came from psychedellic trance music. As you play the mod you'll hear it.

Q: Do you have ideas for your next SED project or will you be taking a break?

LADMan: I tried to work on many projects for Serious Sam. For example, American McGee's Alice ported over to Serious Sam, another idea was "Project Sorrow" where the level varies differently from playthrough to playthrough, and of course many more projects, that never worked out. As for what I'll do in the future, I think I will continue updating this mod, as it's quite entertaining to create new arenas and levels where little spiders fight together. What I'll say is that LDM will have more levels, more objectives and even a planned story level for it. I'm just having fun with SED and I’m trying my best not to touch anything that makes the work hard. If I ever take a break it could be because I'll work with music or make mods for A Hat in Time.

That’s all for this episode of Mod on the Spot. We hope it was interesting to all of you!

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