Event Recap: Week 36 & 37, 2019
By The LAW, nano & co.

We're going back to the '00s baby. Put on your stylish forum avatar and hop on for the ride. This time we're taking a look at not one, but TWO weeks at once!
(This week event recap is sponsored by cooltext.com. Also shoutouts to Lapper Snapper and Global102 for helping with the recap)

As an old 7Smoke tradition we try to celebrate every Friday the 13th as the evil people we are.

For the past 7 years we’ve watched exactly only 2 of the Friday the 13th movies, usually on Friday the 13th itself. This Friday was a good opportunity to catch up and watch the 3rd movie in the franchise. The night went good with around 9 people enjoying the cheesy slasher movie which provides exactly 0 surprise elements and 0 plot twists. We plan to watch 1 or 2 more movies from the franchise in the upcoming weeks of October.

(Jason's happy that he doesn't have to suffer being inside that godawful game based off F13.)

On Saturday, we’ve played the newest campaign by TheLADMan called Little Dreamers: Minigames. The basic idea of this mod is to control the spider from Serious Sam 3: BFE and spit on enemies. You are supposed to be a small spider, but since many of us use custom player models, we turned into tiny people instead. The third level was the most memorable out of all. The goal was to survive waves of enemies with a boss fight at the end. Our biggest enemy turned out to be constantly lowering framerate caused by respawning pickups. Combined with bigger and bigger enemy waves, the level turned out to be quite difficult, but victory was unavoidable. To celebrate it, Nano played birthday trumpet sound. It soothed the pain.

(That Khnum ain't looking too happy)

That Sunday we once again took to the racetrack in Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart. While we started the event off by playing regular race mode and getting our usual fill of road rage, CARma, bananas (so, so many bananas), hilarity, and in Ryason’s unfortunate case, a taste of what being stuck in Limbo feels like, we soon switched over to battle mode. Why, you might ask? To test Ryason’s brand new Virus game mode, of course! It plays almost exactly like the Serious Sam versus game mode version, one player is randomly picked to be infected with a virus and must infect the remaining players by bumping into them, while everyone else must avoid the infection by any means necessary, whether by using the various pick-ups scattered around the map to stun or escape the other players or by outmanoeuvring the opponents with their awesome driving skills. All in all, the mode transitions into SRB2K very smoothly and fits in with all the other modes perfectly. One issue, however, is that some players figured out that by choosing the same green colour that is used to signify infected players in the character menu, they could easily camouflage themselves from the infected and thus prolong their survival. Despite that one problem though, the new game mode proved more than enjoyable and is bound to receive further events on it in the future.

(Image courtesy of anomalouslymandatory)

Week 37 started with one of the best versus mods in the Fusion workshop, Quake III Arena: Fusion. This Saturday event saw a total of 15 players throughout almost the whole event. It’s a lot for something VS related, believe us. During the event, Pan also tried to upload his latest and greatest Q3A:F creation: the fabled Daisy Cruiser stylized as a Quake space map. Yes, the beautiful space maps that everyone in 7Smoke enjoys. No exceptions. Sadly, we didn't get to experience it in its full glory, as the rushed uploads kept breaking. Hopefully we'll get it running the next time, this time with nightcore q3dm17 music. Speaking of awful music decisions, this event was full of them! Most famously, the nightcore Hampsterdance. We sat through it, I masochistically enjoyed it. At the end of the event Roy felt really proud of nano’s work, especially his new map called Luma and once again tried to get his mom phone number, so he can congratulate her for having such a talented son. For some reason nano still declines to share his mom’s phone number.

(Don't mind the tanks.)

Who Dun It, ah yes, the mystery murderer game mode for Doom II in which nano manages to magically break the configuration every single time. This Sunday's event went by quite quickly. Not only did nano forget about the event in the first place, not a lot of people showed up either. We still had a lot of fun playing it, even if only for an hour. The funniest part of the event sadly was only witnessed by 3 of the players. The rest were just left to wonder. Maybe even for the better.

It’s time to announce August’s event of the month and that’s Cards Against Humanity
A veteran event which we’ve been doing for many years now triumphed once again beating TTT with 3 votes difference.