Event Recap: Week 38, 2019
By Vanya

Hello everyone! 
It is me again, I'm gonna be helping out with this last week's event recap once again! brutefully forced by Roy

This recap will go over the events we had during the last week of September as we prepare for what's in store during this October! So let's quickly check these events out 

Friday -- Quake Championship: Doom Edition Joint Event

On Friday we went back to the older times of Multiplayer games by playing Quake Champions: Doom Edition in an event with special guests, members from the mod’s official group! We started off playing co-op in a map pack called Sunsl- err, I mean, Sunlust. Not only that, but we had several monster packs enabled and instead of plain old Doom demons, we got to fight enemies from games like Wolfenstein, Half-Life and others, all at the same time. One enemy in particular provided the 7Smokers present with a familiar experience – the giant ugly alien baby from the end of Half-Life refused to fight back and simply stood still, allowing himself to be bullied to death by us.

Hmmmm... Babies being bullied... I wonder what could that possibly be a reference to?

Either way, the co-op part of the event didn’t last too long, possibly due to our failure to ban speedrunners, and after watching the dramatic ending to Revenatn’s final stand against every horror imaginable, we switched over to Versus, Last Team Standing to be exact. While the name seems pretty self-explanatory, I’ll elaborate – there are two teams of players, each player starts the round with 2 lives and all weapons. Wiping out the opposing team earns your team a point and the first team to score 4 points is declared winner. One of our members, Nano, had some trouble joining the versus server, however. Largely due to the fact that Roy gave him the wrong server address and forced him to download addons for several minutes for absolutely no reason. As we were happily fragging each other, we partook in wonderful discussions about space, such as why don’t scientists use normal names for newly discovered celestial objects, like naming a black hole Steve or The Big Succ or even Joe Mama! We also discussed how long it would take for a message from Mars to reach Earth once the red planet is eventually colonized. While the exact amount of time escapes me, apparently it would take quite a long while, so the messages would need to be pretty long as to not waste time. One particular question that gripped us was what if after receiving a novel-length message from concerned new-martians, all we replied with was “k”? Perhaps one day we’ll find out.

In the end, fun was had by all who participated, whether from the intense action or the intense discussions, and I’m sure I can speak for all of 7Smoke when I say that we will eagerly await for the next joint event with our boomer buddies from Quake Championship: Doom Edition.

Make sure to check out this highlight, taken from the livestream that was had during this event!

Saturday -- Garry's Mod / "Slashers" Game Mode

The month of spooks, aka Spooktober officially started in 7Smoke with last week’s Slasher event. The event had to live up to the hype created by the previous Slasher event back in May, where we abused the server’s purchase system and all the survivor players bought guns to defend themselves from the killer. To spice things up for this event we added brand new Halloween themed player models to the server, such as Jason X, Jason kid, Freddy Krueger, Freddy Mercury, something that was described to me as "the fan favorite wheelchair guy" and many more models. On top of all this we tried a brand new map for us called "Motel", which is an exact copy of the Batel’s Motel from the movie “Psycho”. The map immediately turned into a fan favorite because of its balanced size and Hitchcock’s music from the film. 

We had a lot of fun! But mostly spooks because of the weird player models popping up in front of you out of nowhere.
Bench also contributed to the atmosphere by playing music while chasing us with his clown player model.

Screenshot taken by Lapper Snapper

Event highlights recorded by TheLADMan

This event also featured the return of our old Steam chatroom! (because Discord died)

Sunday -- The Ship 7Smoke Murder Party

On Sunday we played The Ship, a murder mystery game where every player is assigned a target and a hunter. The usual chaos ensured, nano and Global spent most of the time yelling at each other, noam teamed up with anomalous to block people from walking through doorways, which worked because they blocked one of the bots, earning Lone Wolf a very easy kill. Good on him. The event had  a pretty small amount of people this time around, but what matters is that a good time as had by all! Except for the part where everyone was crashing, but hey, it's not that we haven't experienced it in any other game before. *cough*

Don't worry though, he's sleeping -- Screenshot taken by nano

Event of the Month Poll -- September Edition

With September coming to a close it's time to vote for your favorite event that was held during this month! 

This month’s favorite for sure has to be the long anticipated BlockLand event which happened on September 1st for Mauritsio’s birthday party. What about the even longer anticipated Tennis Red release then? And of course, what about the return of Slashers, the winner of event of the month for May? There were many good events this month so the chance of any event winning is high but who knows, maybe even "Skribbl.io" has a chance to win!

Cast your vote by clicking here!

For reference, August's Event of the Month winner was Cards Against Humanity! Check it out if you haven't!