Event Recap: Week 39, 2019
By Vanya

Hello everyone, welcome to another weekly event recap!

In case you aren't active over at our Discord server, many of our members have been busy watching or hosting streams lately. This year’s October brought back 7Smoke’s Spooky themed activities back to its glory days, similar to how it used to be way back in 2015 - 2016.

Most members have been having a blast sharing their fears with other group members as well as enjoying our official events like the ones we'll be taking a look at from last week. Sadly, there hasn't been much new content for Serious Sam games in general for quite a while so there's not a whole lot to talk about at the moment, however, we will be patiently waiting for Serious Sam 4 and in the meantime we will also be doing all kinds of other activities to ensure our members have a great time!

But let's get into the damned recap already, shall we?

Saturday -- The Cursed Fields of Ashenite 13 (Serious Sam Fusion)

Saturday's event brought upon us some classic Serious Sam action, where we played noam's Halloween-themed map: The Cursed Fields Of Ashenite 13.

The first half of the event went smoothly, with the usual talks that many 7Smokers are accustomed to nowadays, such as McDonald's "quality" food, the many methods of contrabanding Ketchup from many places and why is Subway superior. Unfortunately, even though things were going fine in the beginning, Serious Sam Fusion's current broken state made itself very apparent and for the entire second half of the map the event became pretty much unplayable, constantly timing members out every time they tried to rejoin, forcing the host, nano, to defeat the final boss on his own, and even then, most people couldn't properly reconnect during the final fight. After the map ended, a few of us took to messing with Discord's streaming for a few minutes, but the event quickly fizzled out, lasting a total of an hour.

Screenshot taken by Bio

Sunday -- Sven Co-op

Our members have all been busy lately, so we (not me but someone else!) had to take drastic measures if we wanted to find someone willing and with enough free time to recap Sven and so we (again, not me) decided to ask one of our members directly for a small recap, bench. His recap is short and we also have some short but sweet footage with the highlights from the event.

It was a usual Sven event with over the top jokes, weird T-posing player models and dead memes (Ugandan Knuckles and wheelchair guy both made an appearance). We played horror themed maps, some of which we had to skip because many of us got fed up with how bad they were. Overall, it was as fun as usual and attracted many players.

Video footage recorded by nano / prefetcher

Event of the Month Poll -- Winner of September

To no one’s surprise Tennis 2017: Red Edition placed first in the Event of the Month for September!

However, what comes off as a bigger surprise is that all the other events collected 1 vote each, therefore all of the options that were available in the poll won 2nd place behind Tennis!

Congratulations, and a big thanks to the Tennis Team for working on this campaign.

This is all for this week's recap, now if you excuse me I'm gonna go lay down in bed because I've got a damn hurt'n headache, thank you for reading!