7Smoke Streams
By Roy & Pan

Attention all Twitch 7Smoke Streamers!

Every year we like to try to spice up our October activities and this year we decided to take advantage of Discord’s new stream function. The stream’s from October were very well received and we’ll be trying to make them a permanent part of the 7Smoke weekly line up. We’ll continue having 2 streams a week!

This is how we plan to make it work. From Monday to Friday, 2 times a week, there’ll be an official 7Smoke Stream hosted by a member who booked it. These won’t be posted on the 7Smoke calendar, however. We’ll announce the stream in the “Underground” channel using a @here tag to announce when it’s starting. Keep an eye on the “Events” channel to see who will be streaming on what day! To book yourself as one of these streamers please contact THE LAW/Roy. He'll keep track of who was booked when and assign slots accordingly.

While we’d like to have a variety of games and streamers, we’re happy to accommodate popular streams and games to be done over several weeks. If a game can be done in 2-3 streams then we may book it for once a week, several weeks in a row.

For those who wish to stream and don’t care about how many people attend, the “Underground” channel rules still apply. Only tag @here if you have at least 3-5 people secured to participate but try to not over do it as there may be more than one stream per day. (For those who dislike tags, you can disable them in the Discord server to server settings.)

Bonus points go to streamers who choose games that have interactive elements in it to really get the attendees into the experience, like a puzzle game or a party game. This week events start with Roy streaming “Man of Medan” on Wednesday and Nano streaming “The Neverhood” 

So if you wish to stream go ahead and get bookin’!