7Smoke's Stream Nights -- Best of!
By Vanya

Streaming in 7Smoke wasn’t always the common activity that it is today. When we started the stream nights a bit over 2 months ago we didn’t think that they’d be as successful as they have been, and we’re happy to say that we have had some amazing streams so far thanks to our members!

With the amount of streams that we’ve hosted until now we decided to ask some of our members which stream was their favorite and why, these are their picks:

I didn’t think much of the streams when we started doing them. But, this is 7Smoke, so I thought I’d go to a few. Usually it wasn’t even the game or the player itself killing the time but just having an excuse to strike somewhat game-relevant conversation in voice chat. The Audiosurf stream I was hosting the other day seemed like a great opportunity for that. To be a little selfish, it was also my favourite - I had no idea what was coming at me with some of the songs that I gave members the opportunity to “covertly” request beforehand, and when one of the “haha funny” songs came on there was always that mixture of excitement and disappointment to be heard in the voice chat. And despite the gameplay being very one-dimensional, everyone was having a great time - okay, I’ll take their word for it. :)

As for the other streams - surely my second favorite stream would be Pan going through Curse of Monkey Island. Because now I know that a pirate I was meant to be. TRIM THE SAAAILS AND ROAM THE SEAAAS!

Lone Wolf:
Nano’s stream, When he tried to play the Beavis and Butthead game and the bass of the audio was so loud that it was harmful for everyone’s ears.

One of my favourite moments was from Mau's Audiosurf 2 stream when the 1 2 Tie my shoe song that lapper requested was being played.

Oke. So, my favorite stream moment is the whole Darkwood stream pt.1 by Lapper Snapper. Watching him having a great nights with his guests were always fun to watch. I also want to mention the worst moment of 7Smoke streaming history. You know, that it's a Roy's Men of Medan pt.2 where he furiously killed both and only white guys in the game... What a shame. What a rotten way to die.

Lapper Snapper:
My favourite stream moment was definitely when Mauri was streaming Audiosurf 2. He wanted to redo the "1-2 tie my shoe" meme track perfectly, but before he could even finish barricading his room by putting a chair at the door, the game crashed with an error on full display to the stream. It was perfect timing.

I would say it was when Pan bullied the kid in Monkey Island so much that he cried.


And those are all the beans for now! 

We will keep you up-to-date with articles like this every month or two covering some more highlights from our member’s streams, maybe we will even include footage next time. If you’d like to join in and start streaming yourself in 7Smoke don’t forget to ask Roy for permission first!

Until next time, cheers!