The 7Smoke Awards 2019! Knockout Ballot begins
By Mauritsio

With 2019 now behind us, it is time for the annual tradition of the 7Smoke Awards - where we look back on the year before and decide what made it so great. Expect this year's Awards to be crazier than ever before!

That's right, the 7Smoke Awards 2019 are here! Celebrating the group's eighth anniversary will go hand in hand with a special kind of event, where we will decide in a live event on the greatest, funniest and most memorable moments of the year - and the greatest people we were able to join on the ride.

Every year we set up seven different categories. This year we've mixed it up again with some familiar names but mostly a newer, wackier roster of awards. I've heard feedback from previous years that the Awards needed some more spirit, some fun categories among the regular ones to carry it. So after some brainstorming, here we are!
As for the voting process, things are going to work differently this time around. There will be two ballots in anticipation of the Awards Ceremony - a Knockout Ballot and the familiar Nominee Ballot. The former starts today! But why a Knockout Ballot, you ask? For some of the categories we wish to introduce in the 7Smoke Awards this year, some preliminary voting is very simply needed. This is the purpose of the Knockout Ballot. A slightly shorter poll than the actual Nominee Ballot, the results of this poll will give us an idea of who we should put up as potential nominees for the Awards Ceremony coming up at the end of the month. That's why you'll notice the categories seem to be in smaller numbers than last year - don't worry, those other categories already have their nominees!

Just to be 100% clear, THIS IS NOT THE NOMINEE BALLOT! This is a more nuanced vote which will set the stage for the more important Nominee Ballot. So if you don't know who to vote for, that's completely fine - for the next one, which we'll make a much bigger fuss about, the candidates will be streamlined. :)

When you start voting, make sure to read the starting page carefully! The Knockout Ballot will close on January 10th, after which the Nominee Ballot will open on the 12th and close on the 19th. The date of the Awards Ceremony itself will be announced in the coming days! I hope that you will look forward to it with much anticipation, because this year's Ceremony promises to be quite unlike the ones that have come before...

Voting for the Knockout Ballot starts right here!