The 7Smoke Awards 2019! Candidates revealed with Nominee Ballot
By Mauritsio

First of all I want to thank everyone who voted in the Knockout Ballot we held last week! It allowed us to get in some nice nomination candidates for the much more important Nominee Ballot! This one I do definitely want you to vote on. It's much more high profile than the Knockout Ballot because this determines who will be the final few of the bunch - who gets the honor of showing up at the Awards Ceremony?

Speaking of the Awards Ceremony, the date for it has been decided! Wednesday, January 22nd, the group's eighth anniversary, is when it'll go down! I am really looking forward to your presence there. Some amazing stuff is in the pipeline for it and I cannot wait for everyone to experience it first-hand. For now, though, I'll end this short announcement by saying that you can find all the other important details of the Awards in the previous post, and leave you to voting for the Nominee Ballot! Please, your choices really matter here!

Voting for the Nominee Ballot starts right here!