The 7Smoke Awards 2019! Winner recap
By Mauritsio

In a recap article of which the format was totally not copied from last year's or anything - here are the winners from the 7Smoke Awards 2019, on which we held the Ceremony just last Wednesday! A sincere thank you to everyone who attended this event. As a surprise, I had prepared a bunch of "nominee reels" in advance, featuring short clips of whoever got nominated in a certain category. Though I couldn't always match the footage 1:1, it was fun to get creative when I couldn't. And it seemed you enjoyed it too! Especially the "spot-the-event" game in the backdrop was a popular one. We also had the bonus category, "Is Fucking Your Own Clone Gay?", make a surprise appearance near the end of the night, on which we finally arrived with a decisive conclusion! And to end on a high note, we even ended up with some post-event Cards Against Humanity rounds using 7Smoke Anniversary-themed cards. All in all it was a great night - perhaps not as extravagant as last year's, but I suppose that it did not need to be.

Now I'll be recapping the winners of the Awards, as well as the runner-ups, but stick around for after that too...

Event of the Year
Winner: The 1000th Event (Millenium Rumble)
Runner-ups (shared second place): Tennis Red Release Event & 100 rounds of de_dust2

Underground Streamer of the Year
Winner: Pan with Monkey Island
Runner-up: nano with Neverhood
Honorary Nominee: Lapper Snapper with My Friend Pedro
Almost Made It: Roy O'Bannon with Man of Medan

Worst Event of the Year
Winner: DOOM Annihilation in the 7Smoke Cinema
Runner-up: Serious Sam Revolution: Bright Island
Honorary Nominee: Road to Calvary

Underground Game of the Year
Winner: Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart
Runner-up: Tower Unite
Honorary Nominee: Worms (W.M.D. / Armageddon)
Almost Made It: Apex Legends

Wrestler of the Year
Winner: Fkin Mexico
Runner-up: Conch
Honorary Nominee: Bench
Almost Made It: Mauritsio

Overused Meme of the Year
Winner: Wiedzmin(i)
Runner-up: Chirp
Honorary Nominee: Pan's Killing Tendencies

Movie of the Year
Winner: Mr. Bean Marathon
Runner-up: DOOM Annihilation
Honorary Nominee: Neil Breen's Movies (Fateful Findings)

In the course of the days leading up to the ceremony, I left behind a few breadcrumbs that might have indicated a few easter eggs were to be found here and there. Out of the four I prepared, in the end, only one was found! Now two of the easter eggs that were "missed", they're not going to show up anymore. So I will reveal where they could be found:
The other unfound easter egg is hidden in the logo for the Awards, so I'll leave it unspoiled in case somebody does find it eventually...