The 7Smoke 10th Anniversary Awards - Categories & Knockout Ballot
By Mauritsio

Ten years of 7Smoke is an event which must be celebrated to great extent, and that's exactly what we're doing! The 7Smoke 10th Anniversary Awards are coming soon, and just like previous years, we'll be commemorating the previous year within 7Smoke, but since this is another big moment for 7Smoke, we'll also be doing some bigger categories and adding a few other surprises on top of that! We're still hard at work with preparations, so please wait a bit longer to hear more details - but for now, we are at least ready to reveal the categories that you've come to expect at these events.

Without further ado: here are this year's - as usual, seven - categories!

Now, here's the kicker. For some of those awards, as we've already mentioned, we need extra information before we can include those in the proper Nominee Ballot. Some we'll decide upon through a nomination committee, as we did last year, but some we'll just ask for direct input for you. Those categories are Event of the Year, 7Smoke's Best Meme and Best Alternate Group Title. This is where the Knockout Ballot - it's the voting before the real voting starts! And we'd love it if you could give your voting opinions for that one. It's not necessary by any means, as the Nominee Ballot is what it's all about and I'll pester you three times with - but if you have 10 minutes to spare, please head on over to the below link. Thanks, and see you at the Nominee Ballot, which will go live this weekend!

Cast your vote here!

* Yes, I am fully aware that I have spelled "Gartic Phone" wrong on every occasion, but I refuse to correct myself