Welcome to 7Smoke.net - and What's Smokin returns!
By THE LAW & Mauritsio

Greetings everyone! It is me, your neighbour, THE LAW!
I would like to welcome you to our new website!

This website, developed by nano, will mostly function as our primary news feed for happenings in regards to Croteam and our own community. The site's primary editor and writer will be the What's Smokin?! veteran writer Mauritsio - however, do look forward to some exciting stuff to be shared by our other staff members periodically as well!

One thing I will say now though, is that there will be a new special 4.99$ club post where we will highlight the people that have shared their 4.99$ in the previous month and write something about them. And yes, I'd like to take this moment to confirm THE RETURN OF THE INTERVIEWER! ...that is if he uhh... if he is still breathing down there in that cave I left him in.

I'll now leave you with Mauritsio, who will share some details about the new path for What's Smokin?! going forward. Bye bye!

(for the record, that logo is there for legacy purposes. it retired last episode and decided to return just once for the sake of the good old days.)
Welcome back everyone! This is Mauritsio, and What's Smokin?! is officially BACK IN BUSINESS!

...Well, not entirely. There's going to be a few changes as to how you can consume your bi-weekly 7Smoke news feed. In this somewhat informal episode, I'm going to be talking all about how I'll be using 7smoke.net for What's Smokin?! related purposes.

First up, the bi-weekly format I mentioned just a few seconds ago is going away. Permanently. This does however not mean that What's Smokin will be published even less often. Instead, every month will now be an "episode". But the content within that episode will be released much more often. Instead of waiting two weeks for the event recaps from a week ago, those will now arrive the Monday directly after event weekend!
As for other rubrics, like interviews, mod highlights and what not, those will be released randomly over the week, usually two or three content drops per week. I think this system is much more flexible in that it allows What's Smokin to respond much more quickly to new major news announcements - instead of having to wait two weeks to drop a huge announcement. Remember Serious Sam Fusion...?

Second, event recaps will be shorter, straight to the point and more focused on memorable moments instead of the event as a whole. Like last time, I'll periodically be asking some of you to provide screenshots or write small sections for the recap to fill in for events I can't attend.

Lastly, at the first day of every new month (except this October), a recap post will be made with links/summaries to every post made in the preceding month. These are what we will call the "episodes". So in reality, all of October will be episode #101! (I guess you could count this last week of September as episode #100½.)

While this episode #100½ won't feature any event recaps, there are definently a few things to look forward to - we have a major announcement coming very soon, so stay tuned to this site! And I've seen some lights flickering back on in the Interviewer's cave...

Right now, here's something I waited too long for to announce: Event of the Month voting for August is on! You know the drill - vote on the event from August that left the best impression on you (as long as you still remember it, anyway.)
Voting goes here!

I hope the return of What's Smokin?! is as exciting for you as it is for me.
Check this newsfeed frequently - and especially after October 1st, where our first real episode of the third season begins!
Until then!