7Smoke's 7th Anniversary - Uno Mas Events!

7Smoke has come a long way and is currently is reaching one of its biggest milestones - its seventh anniversary! 7Smoke turning 7 years old… that was a running gag back when we celebrated our first and second anniversaries - we imagined by the time we got there we’d all be retired and done with the group. As was to be expected, not everyone who was present during that time made it this far. Some have left and some have just retired. I wonder when I will retire...

Anyways - it’s almost October, which means our special Halloween themed events are coming, and then in December the special Christmas events will also come to light. The problem is, as of writing, there is very little new content available to play in Serious Sam Fusion, and we have pretty much played everything that there is available for OG SS3 to death…

We will still host a few spooky events and we’ll also do some spooky movie nights. Plus, when Christmas comes we’ll do these type of events too (of course they will be christmas-themed, not spooky. Or maybe not.) - but this year we have a special surprise to go with it!

We will start celebrating 7Smoke’s seventh anniversary from now on, by hosting all sorts of interesting events every week. We have a lot of new members that never got to experience some of our most memorable events, such as the “7Smoke Chainsaw Massacar TFE”, which was our first Massacar event all the way back in 2014. There were also smaller events like Benny Lava day, the Wheelchair Guy event, or the hard-to-forget Carnage TFE event (over which a certain Mexican keeps crying, because he missed the original event back in 2013 - if only the bully admin didn’t host it on a day he couldn’t join...).

That doesn’t mean we’ll just revive old Serious Sam events - since we know some of you want to do other games like Return To Castle Wolfenstein, SNOW and that one game everyone loved and in which Pan spent 12 bucks for worthless cosmetics: Freestyle Football. These type of non-Sam events, including many more form the past, will be revisited from next week until the group’s birthday, which will be on January 22nd next year.

But this is hardly the only surprise we have in store! Stay tuned for more - you’re going to like some of these for sure.

When we schedule these events on the Steam group, they will not only be posted with the downloads and everything needed in order to join - we will use the exact same event descriptions we used during their first scheduling. But be warned - Roy’s English wasn’t the best back then, so expect some of those announcements to have subpar grammar on purpose.

This doesn’t mean all of our event days have been taken in advance: we will always reserve a free spot on the calendar if new and exciting content gets released over at the Serious Sam Fusion Workshop.

We’ve had plenty of events in the past, so if you are unsure whether or not one of those old events will be replayed, feel free to contact an admin so we may consider adding it to our event roster, if it isn’t already. Or if you really want to join an event, but have a scheduling conflict with your other stuff in life, feel free to contact an admin so we can (try to) reschedule it to fit you timetable better. After all, this is all for the sake of Uno Mas.

Fair Warning!

All of these old Serious Sam events took place BEFORE Fusion was released, which means you will need the original copies of “Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter” (with DLC and HD: TFE purchased) and “Serious Sam 3: BFE” (with DLC) installed to be able to play. Just to be safe, we’ll specify which game we’re going to play before these events take place. But remember, you need the original games installed!

This will be a very long celebration! We hope all our members, of the old and new varieties, enjoy yourselves, have fun, and most importantly:

Never forget there’s always room for Uno Mas here in 7Smoke!

P.S. Uno más means One more in mexican - who would have thought.