Mod on the Spot - Seriously! Kart
By Mauritsio

"Mod on the Spot" is a new series where we will discuss both old and new mods - and outline what they're all about and what makes them so interesting at our events.

For our first highlight, we're talking about an older mod for the original Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter - and one that has a completely different form of gameplay when compared to the Sam games. I'm talking about Seriously! Kart by Pan - a mod that stands out from the rest for varying reasons!

Released in July 2014 on the Steam Workshop, Seriously! Kart takes advantage of an unused engine mechanic to turn Serious Sam into a racing game. Players will race in themed race cars (the Warthog from the Halo series), each vehicle being modeled after the likings of a certain member from the 7Smoke or Seriously! communities, from which the passenger can shoot the usual set of weapons at other racers. Many of the custom levels in S! Kart have an original theming, but most are based straight off other popular racing games such as Mario Kart and F-Zero. Later patches to the mod brought out even more maps and the ability to ride in quad bikes and motorcycles! The mod even warranted its own mapping contest in late 2015, in which a few people contributed to the roster of maps - including veteran modders such as Mischevious and noam 2000.

What is it about Seriously! Kart that makes it so beloved among our community? After all, the vehicle physics in the Serious Sam HD engine sometimes make the mod a questionable fit. But I think it is exactly that factor of some lack of predictability that make the mod a unique experience. It's also allowed room for a Versus type that doesn't involve the classic Serious Sam versus formula, which has mixed opinions within the community. That - and it's just so different from any other mod out there.

7Smoke has hosted several events on the mod from 2014 to today and every one of them has been a blast. A particular one that comes to mind is one in which the mod's creator - Pan - hosted the server for the mod. And being placed on the opposite side of the globe for almost all our members, our amount of network lag was among the highest we saw (and then Fusion came along and made it look like child's play).
Tomorrow, we're adding another event to the count as part of our UNO MAS series of comeback events! You don't want to miss that!