Event Recap: Week 40, 2018
By Mauritsio

This was a busy week for 7Smoke in terms of events, so let's get right to it! Plus, voting begins for Event of the Month September!

Thursday was our 7Smoke Cinema viewing of a TV series, "Police Squad", better known as the prequel to one of the group's most beloved movies and the first movie night to win an Event of the Month - Naked Gun! With its own classic style of humour, we're almost through the entire season. Everyone has been having a great time with this series, chocking on their popcorn. Even Raven comes out of hibernation for this!

Friday was out turn to serve the god emperor and purge the Chaos Scum in Warhammer 40K: Space Marine! With a few new members joining in the action we played many rounds of Control Points and Team Deathmatch against each other and randoms online. We were even winning so hard, we caused a few randoms to rage quit! We can't wait to play again.

Saturday was a long-anticipated UNO MAS event, namely our replay of Seriously! Kart! Coming back to this mod was an amazing feeling and went just as expected - with everything already going south at the very start. The rest of the event was equally amazing, full of flying, disappearing and exploding cars - just like the good old times. It ended with a full-on blockade of the race track!

As a bonus, here's some footage of the event from Roy's perspective, featuring a heated chase with Mauritsio and an adventure through the dangerous Roy's Mansion.

Sunday was another UNO MAS event time! How blessed we are to have two of those in a row... this time on a much-played free to play title Fistful of Frags! Featuring first person combat in an Old Western theme that is unlike most titles in the genre, this event gave Roy his chance to prove he was the best in the west - proving to create a long-lasting feud with nano (or as he would call him - "NANI?"), seemingly going on for the entire event...

Last week we revealed the winner for Event of the Month August.
And we're not wasting any time in preparing for our next Event of the Month poll - it's time to vote for your favorite event of September!
I see a few very powerful contenders in this event roster, so I'm excited to see which way it's going to be going! We'll have the results ready for you at the next event recap.
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