7Smoke Tennis 2018 Blue nears completion and seeks voice actors!
By noam 2000 & Mauritsio

It's been a while since we've spoken to you about the 7Smoke Tennis project, but we finally have some exciting news to share: all the levels for the Blue mappack have been completed, and the project has reached its Alpha stage!

We know that once we finish creating all the maps in the Tennis campaign, we shouldn't just release it like that and be done with everything. In the last Tennis mappack, we included voice acting after all the levels had reached completion. This time around, we're also making sure that the campaign fits together as one whole. Tennis 4 had the issue of being thematically all over the place, and also lacked a consistent balance. With Tennis 2018 - that is sure to change. With the approval of the relevant mappers, we're making sure that the campaign feels like one true collaborative effort by keeping the quality standard on par throughout the entire campaign.

That being said, while we're busily working on that last statement - we're in need of others help when it comes to voice acting! That's why I'm happy to announce that voice auditions for Tennis 2018 Blue start today. While we're also announcing this on a fairly well-visited voice acting site, 7Smokers are welcome to try their best and get cast for one of the characters. That is, if your performance is good enough... ;)

Think you want to lend your voice to the Tennis Blue crowd? Our auditions page is right here!
And even if you're not interested, you might just get your first sneak peek at some never before shown levels for Tennis Blue...