Event Recap: Week 41, 2018
By Mauritsio

We had a great set of two UNO MAS events this weekend. And the results for Event of the Month September are in!

Saturday was the time to relive one of 7Smoke's largest events to date - the release of the 7Smoke Tennis Mappack 4! Until Fusion came out, it held the record for the largest event 7Smoke ever held, with around 25 people attending over two servers! Although we "only" got 16 this time, we had just as much fun - skipping an entire map (you may guess which) with the help of motorcycles and performing Fortnite dances over Solgar's corpse.
...Truly, 7Smoke has reached its peak.

Sunday may not have been a very large event, but with Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, if at least one person is just trying to force choke everyone, then nothing can go wrong. After one map of figuring out how to fly spacecraft and another of bench relentlessly pursuing Foxy to ensure his defeat, we tried the objective-based "Siege" mode - where we spent 15 minutes figuring out what the first objective is and another 15 looking for Foxy. I still insist he cheated. >:(

As I'm writing this, the votes for Event of the Month September closed just moments ago, and it's abundantly clear who the winner is - with about 40% of the votes The Royal Rumble IV takes the throne! And well-deserved at that. A worthwhile runner-up is IHRB Fusion, just a couple of votes shy of winning - and one of the better mods on the Fusion workshop right now.

Once again, the footage with voice reactions for those who missed it.
And all the Event of the Month winners so far!