I Hate Running Backwards Switches it up!
By Mauritsio

A few days ago, I Hate Running Backwards released for Nintendo Switch!

The Binx Interactive/Croteam Incubator shoot-em-down game came out for PC and consoles back in May. Before and since then, 7Smoke has been supportive in its development by recruiting testers and translators for the game.
We've had our own fun with the game too, as while IHRB doesn't support 16 players at all, we did have a few "Kill the Streamer!" events in which our viewers spam enemies at Roy and Noam through Twitch! Not only that, the game even spawned a Fusion Survival map themed around it which was publicly endorsed by Croteam themselves!
And now, five months later, the game has come out on Nintendo's console for you to enjoy as you go! The game seems like a perfect fit for the console - something that's great to play if you have a small 15 minutes to burn.
We're hoping the game is popular with the Switch community for this reason!

If you look closely, we even left our own review on the game!

The game is available on the Nintendo eShop here.
And of course, it's also still on Steam!