Event Recap: Week 42, 2018
By Mauritsio

Our streak of strong UNO MAS events continues throughout the weekends!

Saturday was the "Sven Insanity" event (for Sven Co-op... obviously). Dubbed so by the community, due to the unstable server and borderline insanity caused by amazing player models like "Lucky Luciano" or various awful nazi Sonic OCs. (Yes.)
We've struggled, and let me emphasise that, we've STRUGGLED to complete the mappacks that we were supposed to play. The server constantly kept crashing and corrupting itself, leading to moments like missing models, placeholders and screeching crowbars. Overall though, this event was taken warmly by the community, being also dubbed as the "Glitch Life with actual glitches" event.
PS. We did it to 'em.

Sunday was yet another one of the greatest 7Smoke has played. From world-famous modder Pan we returned to Serious Box Solid, a Versus total conversion that's all about stealth. We've had a dozen events on this mod, sometimes in relation to the release of new content for the mod - and we had to return to the non-Fusion BFE one more time to relive this mod!
While it wasn't looking like it would work at first, with crashes and levels refusing to load - we ended up having our most tactical SBS event ever, where the Guards team was suddenly balanced and really good at the game - but of course Pan and Mauritsio balanced that out entirely with our double smoke grenades, coordination on taking out Finzy in the Dam map and wiping the entirety of Fort Box Warehouse in less than a minute! Truly, where would the Snakes have been without us?
...Enjoy this picture of Roy inspecting a computer Tom Cruise style.

Special thanks to nano for helping out for this event recap!