What's Smokin?! interview: "Know the Member" with nano!
By The Interviewer

The Interviewer: Hello, hello - welcome to another episode of WHAT'S SMOKIN?!
Actually, nevermind - that's old. We're not doing weekly What's Smokin episodes anymore. I welcome you to my own show KNOW THE MEMBER! And today, I, the INTERVIEWER (totally NotRoy) will interview nano, also known as NANI?! Hopefully he will not mention anime.
Hello, how are you doing Nani?

nano: I'm pretty sleepy and tired but overall I'm doing fine, thank you!

The Interviewer: Okay Nani - I'm sure most of our members don't know your origins in 7Smoke, so please share the story of how you joined 7Smoke with us - and tell us a little about your first experience with the group.

nano: It was back in the summer of 2017. I was sitting quite bored and lonely, so i decided to message Noam asking if there's anything I could do to prevent it. He then mentioned to me a group called 7Smoke, and that they're hosting a Team Fortress 2 event - and naturally, that I should join them. And so I did, though I was called "doll" back then.

The Interviewer: Yes, horrible name!

nano: Every name I pick is horrible!

The Interviewer: Kind of, yes. But don't worry, doll was far more horrible!

nano: :(

The Interviewer: Now its just a lil' bit horrible...
So, share some memories from 2017, some activities you enjoyed (or didn't). You were less active back then, right?

nano: Oh, I didn't really do much. As far as I can remember, I've joined both the TF2 event, and the BFE Big Cock survival one. I had a blast being at them, but then somewhere along the line, I went into a hiatus - not really talking in 7Smoke that much anymore. Mainly because of me being afraid to even talk in a group where I didn't know anyone. Which is kinda sad, since I've missed a lot of fun stuff that was happening.

The Interviewer: That is interesting indeed!
Now do you remember when you started being more active? What made you become more active and how would you rate your stay with 7Smoke so far?

nano: So, the thing that made me more active is ironically the thing I hate the most, looking back at it.

The Interviewer: Oh no.

nano: I just randomly stumbled upon noam and that other member whose name I forgot, asking people if anyone would be up to play with them. And so I joined. During that time, I grew more and more comfortable with 7Smoke. I started making new friends, started joining events and all that. And so far, i sincerely love this community as it's a really comfy place to be at with lots of really kind and good people.

The Interviewer: What is the one thing you love most about the group?

nano: Probably the people. So far, I've made some really great friends in here - and despite some ups and downs along the way, I've had a blast being in 7Smoke.

The Interviewer: That is great to hear nani!
For our readers who didn't know - you made the 7Smoke website! Was making it difficult? I'm sure Roy paid you more than he pays me to do it - I live in this cave and do interviews every month on minimum wage. I hate my life. :(
Share with us what your work is and what you do outside 7Smoke.

nano: Ah, I'm still a student and my life's pretty boring. Though right now I'm a hobbyist web developer - and hopefully a professional one soon. As for the 7Smoke website - I maintain the servers it runs on alongside writing the software powering it. Also, sometimes I run game servers for various events.

The Interviewer: What is your favorite moment in 7Smoke?

nano: Ohhhh, that's a really hard thing to pinpoint! I've had various moments that I loved.

The Interviewer: You can share 'em!

nano: Well, for example: the latest Sven Insanity event, the Royal Rumble, various underground events and of course, the Quake 3 Arena: Fusion events. It really made me happy seeing people enjoying themselves playing my mod.

The Interviewer: We all know about Serious Editor being the reason a lot of members suffer from headaches. How would you describe your relationship with the Serious Editor?

nano: Most of the basic things about SED can be learned in a single day. SED really isn't as hard as people paint it - it's just really buggy, thanks to Croteam not putting much love into it. Overall, I like modding for Fusion I just wish CT would FIX FUSION AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

The Interviewer: Okay, so now... we have to talk about... the homo.

nano: I knew this would happen.

The Interviewer: I've been told you're an expert on the subject.

nano: God damnit.

The Interviewer: How would you comment on this screenshot?

nano: That is indeed, very gay and not cool.

The Interviewer: So bench is a homo in your eyes?

nano: Nah man, he just wanted to be kind to Global. Global's the gay one, trying to make bench touch his dick.

The Interviewer: But why is bench doing it then?

nano: Out of pure kindness.

The Interviewer: Hmm...
Okay, you're the expert. I won't say what I think.

nano: I am NOT an expert!

The Interviewer: Aww, how humble you are!

nano: Oh, come on! >:(

The Interviewer: Alright, we're nearing the end of this interview. What wish will you make for 7Smoke on its seventh anniversary?

nano: I wish that the community will last for the next 7 years as well and that I will still be able to be a part of it - cheers.

The Interviewer: Thank you for this interview! You can now leave any message for our readers - as for them, I will see you very soon, my dear readers, in an upcoming exclusive interview with Binx Interactive, the developers of I Hate Running Backwards!
If you have any questions for them, please post them somewhere in the 7Smoke Discord channel.



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