Event Recap: Week 43, 2018
By Mauritsio

There's still absolutely nothing new on the Fusion workshop, so we continue our UNO MAS events ons some highly-requested mods and games!

Saturday was our Halloween fill for the month, since we're not celebrating Halloween as abundantly as we used to in previous years - for now, BFE Enhanced Halloween Edition kept us entertained. This total conversion by Biomechanoid has skeletons, pumpkin mechanoids and headless Khnums running amuck through Egypt at nightfall - and while the event had a bit of a rough start with three (just a little) fixes needed to play, it was sure to give us all (or atleast me) nightmares that same day. Not only has Bio spookified the enemies and environment, he even went as far to make the cranes scary. Just when you thought the in-joke couldn't get pushed further, the absolute madman does it anyway.
P.S. Ryason - I still don't forgive you.

Sunday is a bit of a strange one when you compare it to the rest of 7Smoke's average gaming roster. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, a racing game, of all things? But you would be massively surprised by how many hours some of our members have spent on it!
The week before this event, the game went on sale for a measly five dollars, so half a dozen members jumped at the opportunity and we played it in an Underground event on last Thursday - which ensured several new people were now addicted hooked on the game and spawned several in-jokes. Sunday was the official event, fairly well visited - many quiet moments fell due to how intensely focused we were on winning (even if Pan kept stealing the thunder every round) - we also ferociously bullied each other and as a highlight, Foxy found creative new ways to curse like a sailor.
No screenshots because everyone was too busy aiming their snowballs.

Our October events are now spent. Next week we'll be hosting the Event of the Month poll, stay tuned!