Event Recap: Week 44, 2018
By Mauritsio

The UNO MAS never stops with one Sam and one non-Sam event! Not only that, but we have another Event of the Month poll for you!

Saturday was a nightmare. Well, not literally - we revisited a small little mod called The Portal by a certain young member who shall go unnamed. Legend tells that it's the worst mod we've ever played (although I beg to differ on that one!) - a reputation which did live up to itself during this event. Quickly we had a game-breaking moment at which an enemy took a nap in the middle of the fight and prevented us from proceeding any further into the levels - needless to say our newcomers were a little confused at why we would play such a horrible map! Let's just say it is a part of its reputation and leave it at that.

Sunday was the time where 7Smoke brought out its artistic side during the 7Smoke Art Show! In this art show, we gather on the site skribbl.io which is very much like an online version of Pictionary. I'm hopeful everyone here knows what the rules of that are. Pretty sure we've had an event on this annually now, and every time it brings out the worst best in the group's artistic talents. To illustrate that, tomorrow I'll be releasing a special "Art Gallery" episode which will be a compilation of all the amazing/confusing/rage-inducing drawings (atleast, the family-friendly ones) from the ten 7Smokers who were at the event - twenty-five in total! This many would just be a bit of an overkill for an event recap, so for now, here's some special features, hand-selected by your editing team:

(be sure to click on the collage for a large-size version!)
Left: "chest hair" by bench
Middle: "stoned" by Soulmyr
Right: "seahorse" by Lapper Snapper

It's once again time for our Event of the Month poll! We're filled with UNO MAS events these last few weeks, so this might as well be a throwback poll to the earlier days of 7Smoke. Or maybe one of those new events will incur a miracle and come out on top? Either way, the choice will be yours in the Event of the Month October poll!

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