Event Recap: Week 45, 2018
By Mauritsio

UNO MAS nunca se deiente.

Saturday was one of 7Smoke's original events - a Deathcount, in which our admin Pan tracks your times dying through a campaign. The winner, or rather, loser - with the most deaths, is added to our wall of shame (fame?). Playing through the DLCs Jewel of the Nile and Legend of the Beast, stakes ran high as our number of deaths did so too. Some couldn't keep up, like noam and nano being absolutely slaughtered by the first DLC's final boss - nano claiming the "victory" at the last second with 16 deaths! Over at HD, Csaba is the lucky man with 10 deaths - a large amount thanks to the general community's favorite enemy: Kleers. In the end, everyone was tired and afraid of losing anymore lives so they agreed to nuke the final boss and be done with it. An explosive end to a stressful event!

Sunday was the Dark Souls of events time for Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop - on a game that's so focused on cooperation to make it through, you'd never think the likes of 7Smoke would get very far. But as events such as Deathcount prove, we *can* set our minds on something - this was proven doubly true when we beat the mission on the Hard difficulty! We defied every odd and triumphed over frame drops, teamkilling, weaponry from the stone age, pointed rocks - and of course, lava. There's always a rising lava level that forces you to restart too many times. This event was an emotional experience for the eight people who attended - which is why Lapper Snapper has created an extended recap which would be too long for this episode. So thanks to him! You can read it here.

When I first looked at the results for the Event of the Month October poll, things were looking pretty divided and it worried me. One vote could change up the entire results, which either meant we would end up with a nasty draw or a victory not significant enough to matter. Luckily, when I reposted the poll in the Discord lobby channel, my fears were eased - there wasn't any doubt there would be a battle between two events. Indeed, the Sven Co-op Night won by a landslide - as I'm sure many of you expected! That event left quite the lasting "impression" on us. (Video is not family friendly.)

We're getting pretty close to the end of the year now! Here's all the winners of Event of the Months polls so far.