The New Fusion Update: Summarized
By Mauritsio

Two days ago, Croteam released the Fusion patch 404079 - after many months of waiting we finally have an update for the game! Many bugs that the community has dreaded for a long while have been fixed at long last, we have even less reasons to go back to BFE now! Still, not everyone is happy with this long-awaited update, and they have good reasons for that. So here is a quick summary of what's happening in Fusion right now.

First, a summary of what's been fixed: projectiles being tilted is no more. Bullets no longer come from incorrect angles. Being invulnerable while crouching is done for (finally, we can have the best mod Serious Box Solid working in Fusion!). Many minor lighting issues in the campaigns are also gone, and several networking issues have been fixed. In short, this patch fixed the most glaring issues in the game and added a bunch of tiny ones to go with it.

But that isn't all - there have been some non-bug related changes to the engine as well. For example, a new method of calculating Bloom is present, which in turn makes it overall prettier - however it seems in some places the values could be adjusted to not be such a glaring issue. There's also a new weapon wheel for controller inputs, which slows down the time when selecting a weapon!

That's some mighty bloom!

In tandem with these engine changes - this patch signifies a large change in the capabilities of Fusion. Not only has enemy navigation been improved and support was added for 8K(!) textures, but some systems within the internal editor had have to be changed. This is where the uproar in the community is coming from. These changes force content creators to resave some of their files to be up to date with the latest format. But some, like specific textures, cannot be resaved and must be recreated from scratch. In other words, modders have some work to do to make their content not crash!

Especially some of the modders with a large amount of Fusion mods are upset - is it worth the effort resaving all this content? Maybe it could have been prevented somehow. Regardless Croteam promises a more steady flow of updates from this point on, which is partly supported by the new engine capacities. We'll be seeing where Fusion goes now, and more importantly how the Steam Workshop and its users take the update. For now at least, a fair amount of the mods have been repaired already!