Event Recap: Week 46, 2018
By Mauritsio

Some new content for Fusion this week and a promising UNO MAS event!

Saturday was a highly-requested and highly-anticipated Garry's Mod event on the Slashers mod! Slasher has proven itself to be one of those game mods and events that never end up boring us! This month, Slasher drew even the newest of our members to it - breaking the player limit which created some fun moments - such as having 2 killers, or even 2 members playing as just blank player models, unable to do anything but run and die!
Global went into the event with 1 mission only - bully Roy. But instead, Roy bullied him by jailing him constantly and using admin cheats - but Global got his revenge as he murdered Roy at the end of the event.global managed to get his sweet revenge at the end of the event where he would murder Roy as Ghost Face killer. Everyone had great fun, especially the new members! We're all looking forward to the next Slashers event!

Sunday saw us finally playing some new Fusion maps! At the spotlight stood Ryason55's Procedural Skyways - which at its core is more of an impressive technical feat than an actual Versus map. Nevertheless, this map randomly generates itself several combinations of walkways and litters all kinds of weapons and items over it, even custom resources like from the Ultimate Weapon Pack. But man, was it easy to fall off that stage! We also combined the event with nano's familiar Quake 3 Arena: Fusion Versus pack to create an event where everyone was being rather blunt with themselves, spawning running jokes and making it memorable despite a mediocre player turnout. One conversation that instantly comes to mind is between nano and Pan on the Procedural Skyways map, a discussion about the meaning of the word "literally" that spawned from the use of a certain railgun. Ever since everything in the event was taken in a much more literal manner. There's plenty of other convos like this, but I would like for the site to maintain a family-friendly rating!

(Special thanks to Roy for helping with this event recap!)