Event Recap: Week 47, 2018
By Mauritsio

We had a bit of a quiet week this time. I suppose people are just getting busy with their lives. How dare they!

Saturday was an event request by Pan, a little mod called Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart. And in case you think the Workshop's gotten insane making another kart mod - don't worry, it's not a Serious Sam mod. Luckily it's only a mod for the Doom engine, so that makes it much less curious. In any case, if you see this, it's like a mashup of the Sonic Racing games and Mario Kart. I'll let you pick which one's the copy. With an impressive track list of over 100, our event consisted mostly of server hopping in public servers and Pan hoping the Daytona USA track would be picked sometime. Unfortunately, that never happened. The other half of the event was us screaming at how unfair some of the tracks were. Or maybe we just need to get better at the game. Unfortunately the event was ill-visited, but hey, it doesn't need to be a full house every other day. No screenshots though. :(

Sunday served as our fill of Serious Sam for the week, in which we revisited the Protect the President mod which became a very close winner during Event of the Month January at the beginning of this year - with good reason, that event is... remarkable in its own right. Does the UNO MAS iteration live up to its legacy?
Not really. Due to a planning oversight, the collection of Survival maps we could play was limited and only consisted of maps linked through an old collection. In addition, the new Fusion patch happened recently so only a handful of maps were playable - others would crash due to being outdated and not having been resaved since! This basically meant that we could only play maps by Biomechanoid, as he's the only among the content creators from the collection who has gotten around to fixing his mods. So the event became a little... on the short side. But we had much fun motivating why we would be the perfect presidential candidates whenever we were selected to be one, and pretending to launch nukes in a SeriousWare post-event all the while.
Yes, we really played SeriousWare in Protect the President.

Can I just point out the characters at the forefront of this screenshot?