What's Smokin?! interview: "Know the Member" with StealthToast!
By The Interviewer

The Interviewer: Well, well, well! Another month has passed and as such its time for another interview. January is knocking on the door and so, 7Smoke will soon turn 7 years old! So today we have a very old memba with us - StealthToast or as we like to call him: Tuuust!
Hi Tuust, how are you feeling today?

StealthToast: Heya! I'm doing well, thanks!

The Interviewer: It's been a long time since you joined the group. Do you have any memories of the time when you first joined the group, and what are your earliest 7Smoke experiences?

StealthToast: 7Smoke was the only group I knew of back then that consistently hosted Sam events, it's also the place where I met peeps that I became good friends with. I knew many of the people from SeriousZone, but I truly met 'em in the group, where we got to play and chat. Some of my memories (asides from events, of course) are staying up for way too long in the summer and chilling in the steam chatroom, chatting with peeps there.

The Interviewer: Ah yes - the good old Steam chatroom where it all began. How do you feel about Discord these days?

StealthToast: I like it, it's way more convenient than the old chatroom. I'm very inactive there but I check it out often, mainly lurking in the workshop & tennis channels.

The Interviewer: After one year or so in the group, you decided to take a break but did not really warn others about it and just left suddenly. Can you share some info about that time? What made you leave like this and what were you doing around that time?

StealthToast: At the time, I viewed it as a departure from the Serious Sam community as a whole, rather than a break from the group specifically, I wasn't planning on coming back. I don't really remember the exact details that were in my head, since that happened 5 years ago, but to make it short, I felt that nobody would care if I left and that I would be happier if I did that, so I called it quits without telling anyone and cut off contact with the people I used to talk to. I also ignored any attempts people made to come in contact with me again. Needless to say, that was very immature of me, and I'm very glad I snapped out of that and came back later. I'm also very grateful I was accepted back, I was concerned everyone disliked me at that point.

As for what I was doing at the time, I stopped playing & modding Serious Sam, instead I focused on modding StarCraft II and picked up drawing as a hobby in 2014.

The Interviewer: That's very interesting to hear - some exclusive news on the 7Smoke site, everyone! 4.99$ for this please!
Your most memorable mod: Serious Carnage. Can you talk about how the idea came to you? Did you expect it to turn into such a classic, and do you have any plans on working on something for Fusion 2017 in general?

StealthToast: Can I get $0.49 for every $4.99 for sharing the news, ok thx
The idea came to me all the way back in Spring/early Summer of 2013. We had many events on the vanilla campaigns, and because we were often 10+, it was very easy and we steamrolled through most enemies. So, I decided to try and make a harder version of the campaign, with more enemies. I made a prototype called "The Toasty Encounter", and I asked Roy & Bio if they wanted to try it out. We did - and they really liked it, so I decided to take it a step further and add more things, such as new secrets. That was when Serious Carnage TFE was born. I didn't expect it to turn into a classic, I thought that we'd play it a few times and then drop it, but I'm glad people had fun in the end!

I've had a bunch of ideas for things to do in Fusion, but I never get around to working on them. One of those is Serious Carnage, but heavily improved & rebalanced. I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to it, time will tell.

The Interviewer: What changed in your life for those 6-7 years? You said you got into drawing - are you still drawing today? Did you start work, are you still studying, what do your days looks like?

StealthToast: A lot has changed over time! Back in 2013, I was still in high school, now I'm almost done with college. I'm in my final year, studying Computer Science, I'll be finished in September of 2019. I'm still drawing, it's actually something I want to put more focus on in 2019. I'd love to make more comics and get started with basic animating. I've also met some wonderful people that had a massive positive impact in my life, and I reconnected with old friends after a few years of not talking. So I'd say life has been good. :)

The Interviewer: Great to hear that, Toast! As you surely know, we would love to see your art in the 7Smoke Discord #art-channel. Or you can get your own special showcase on the site for just $4.99! Come on, I'm sure once you finish college it will pay off big time and 4.99$ will be nothing!
One more question: What do you expect of Serious Sam 4?

StealthToast: I try to keep my expectations in check, not too high but neither too low. As long as we get a lengthy enough campaign with lots of shooting and lots of monsters, I'll be happy. (Also Highlanders, many many Highlanders!)

The Interviewer: Thank you for this interview, Tuust! Glad to have you here after all these years! I shall leave you in peace, you may say anything you wish as a final remark.
And to our readers - we have some very special interviews coming Soon™, so stay tuned!

StealthToast: Thank you too for the interview! Glad to be back. :)
Stay toasty!