Event Recap: Week 48, 2018
By Mauritsio

The final month of the year begins with some strong events!

Saturday was a comeback after the unfortunate disappointment following last week's event. Whereas then we had a half-filled quiet server - we did a full turnaround this week and hit the player limit with one clamorous event! In this Nano Mod Collection Marathon, the focus was on the modder and one of our members (who you surely know as the designer and maintainer of this very website!) nano, in which we played the best of his mods such as Quake 3 Arena: Fusion, 100% Orange Juice Practice Field but also his newer releases like Trivia and Wolfenstein 3D: E1M1! The former two are Versus maps/collections, and I'm sure you can guess what the latter two are. (Yes, this madman made a Trivia gamemode in Serious Sam, with a working connection to a public API! Seriously, how awesome is that?)
Anyway, the event was a lot of fun with a surprising player count, as mentioned earlier. The little birds also joined us... during the event, Ryason kept sneakily using his player model to chirp around the levels, but few noticed and people believed the birds were actually outside their windows! When they finally caught on as to what was really happening, Ryason had already taken over...

Sunday was hardly as popular as Saturday, but enjoyable in its own right - a UNO MAS event in the form of Worms Armageddon, where five of us gathered to blow up each other's worms. In very quick summary, the event consisted of Mauritsio and Pan trash-talking each other. And murdering their favourite worms. Nobody else felt like using voice, so that's what it ended up as...
Ahem. Red Dacca. Ahem.
I don't see the need to say anything else. ;(

Admittedly though, these events had some nice memes going for them.

Only two more polls to go and we'll know the full list of contenders for the member-appointed title for Event of the Year of 2018, at the 7Smoke Awards next year! I'm told there will be cheesecake, which should be enough of a reason for you to go. Regardless we now look back at our events for November - admittedly a bit of a shortage on events this month, but we make do with what we have. Anyway, there's still enough rivalries here I'm curious to see unfold in the results!

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Forgot what some of these events were? You may look through yesterday's What's Smokin?! Monthly Summary post as a refresher.