7Smoke Tennis 2018: Blue Edition - release date confirmed!
By Mauritsio

After seventeen grueling months of development, we are finally proud to announce that the 7Smoke Tennis 2018: Blue Edition is finally getting an imminent and concrete release date!

Next week, we'll finally get around to releasing the first part of our 7Smoke Tennis Project 2018, with the Red edition following it up sometime in the first half of 2019. The release date for Blue is expected to be December 16th, where the campaign will then appear on Serious Sam Fusion 2017's Steam Workshop. And there will be a lot coming your way on that day, so stay tuned!

As some of you may know, the 7Smoke Tennis Project is at heart, a collaborative campaign where several modders each create one level of the campaign. When one modder finishes, the next mapper takes the story of the previous level and adds onto it. Or in some cases, retcons it. When that campaign is complete, you get a wonderfully lengthy collection of maps each with completely differing level design philosophies and aesthetics. The wonderful thing about Tennis is seeing all that tie together.

With the power of the Serious Sam Fusion, there's even more we can do in this iteration of the Tennis Mappack. For example, you'll be seeing a complete set of custom weapons in this campaign - some based off existing resources, but we've got a few new additions too. Take for instance the Sawblade Hammer - functionally the same as the Sledgehammer, but it's a little more befitting to the main character.

And yes, speaking of the main character, 7Smoke Tennis 2018 Blue will be running on its very own "game title", meaning you won't be running around as Serious Sam the whole time. Instead, meet Dream Wanderer, our no-nonsense player character with the same knack for guns and bashing in enemies' heads. Dream Wanderer will be joined in the story by the Green Skull Artifact, known as Murray, and another slightly more enthusiastic Yellow Skull Artifact - Stefan! In a tradition that started with Tennis Mappack 4, every character will also be fully voice acted. We've made some really great casts for this project and the actors were very enthusiastic to get on board with the project. They're looking forward to it, too!

And of course, expect many more surprises in the rest of the campaign. The team will, in the meantime, be off to test the maps and fix the last few bugs before the release date. We hope to see you at the Tennis Blue release event!

Dream Wanderer artwork by Soulmyr