Event Recap: Week 49, 2018
By Mauritsio

We've actually had a busy week of events this time, so we'll get right into them - as well as the winner for Event of the Month November!
I am aware that this event recap is belated. I had some busy weekdays that prevented me from being able to focus on getting this out. Sorry!

Tuesday was an UNO MAS event at the request of one of our members who retired from inactivity many days ago - idanceforlife was our reason to have another Black Squad event after so long - the free-to-play Counter-Strike "rip-off" which is actually objectively better in the opinion of our members thanks to being able to play as Japanese girls. Of course. Gathering everyone took up like a quarter of the event time by just having to repeat the server name and password to every new person who joined - which even led to Pan bringing out his inner anarchist and pinging @everyone with the server name. (That actually caused some really old inactive members to jump in!) The event itself brought out the inner try-hards in ourselves, like Muffinatorz clutching a 1 versus 4 situation and several instances where bombs would be defused at the very last second. Or in reverse, the unfortunate case of Global being backstabbed at the last millisecond of defusion.

"Basically I have heart problems because of this event" - Pan, 2018

Wednesday was time for another UNO MAS - this time we played Return to Castle Wolfenstein, playing it multiplayer thanks to a certain mod. The event had a difficult start - multiple attempts to protect a tank from missiles failed and we were forced to skpi the level. After several tries we gave up and skipped the level. The stealth levels followed thereafter, with our favorite Tree Guy being the star of the show! (For the record, Tree Guy is a person whose death disables all alarms in the level. His death has become somewhat of a meme within 7Smoke). Roy warned everyone that killing him will result in a ban - and then Owlet ended up getting banned. The situation regarding Tre Guy spiraled out of control and we had to retire the Wolfenstein events for good. (That is, until Roy makes a Wolfenstein 2009 event.)

Saturday was preceded by a Tabletop event on the game "Seven Wonders", thought it didn't pan out to be very successful. On the other hand, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event the next day turned out to go much more smoothly! I suppose you could say this event is kind of an echo of the Black Squad event - not only are the games pretty much directly based off of each other, similiar things happened! We had a rough start in the beginning due to server issues (instead of nobody knowing which server to join, we spent like half an hour figuring out how to make a server) and everyone stuck too much effort into becoming try-hards. Even more than Black Squad! The strange thing about this event is that we made it to try out the new Battle Royale mode, "Danger Zone", Valve added to the game, but we didn't even try that one out in the end. At least we could satisfy ourselves with Demolition games. It was a nice escape from the otherwise hostile environment of most competitive games.

Sunday was our final event for the week and one extra dose of UNO MAS - an event on Serious Sam's Bogus Detour - (almost) everyone's favorite Serious Sam indie game! Roy told me the jury's still out on deciding if those remaining few like I Hate Running Backwards instead. While fun at heart, this game is prone to falling short in the multiplayer department - starting a server is always a hassle since there's no join in progress! So people keep leaving at the beginning of the event, and we had to restart far too many times before we finally had everyone accounted for (even if some people had already thrown in the towel by that time). ...And to be honest, that's the most remarkable part of the event. We do kind of have a strong love-hate relationship with this game, but I never realized it could get to this point. Maybe that's part of the UNO MAS experience.

Last week we asked for your voices to lend an opinion to the Event of the Month: November poll! This time it was a very close battle with a set of four events - with the winner being just one vote removed from all the other events who now share a second place. This winner is the 7Smoke Art Show, and a rightful one at that - bringing out the best and the worst of the creative talents of the members of 7Smoke. All that was captured in our 7Smoke Art Gallery as an addendum to the Event Recap from that week. And that one doesn't even include the censored drawings, good grief...

Only one month left for voting, and then we move onto what it's all been leading up to: the Event of the Year award! Looks like it's almost time to start preparing for the 7Smoke Awards...
As always, the current winners so far are listed here.