7Smoke Tennis 2018: Blue Edition - releases today!
By Mauritsio & noam 2000

The 7Smoke Tennis 2018: Blue Edition has been released to the Steam Workshop!

Download it here!

After a very long time in the making, 7Smoke Tennis 2018 Blue is finally out on the Workshop today! (Man, remember when we called it 2017? How naive we were.) You're free to go at it as you please, but keep in mind that next week (most likely Saturday, the 22nd) we'll be having our release event on the mod - we're sure to have sign-ups for that one as it's bound to draw a playercount we haven't seen in a very long while!

As you can surely tell, we're very excited for this release. A campaign of this extent is something the Workshop has been lacking in a long while, and only through the efforts of our Tennisers were we able to achieve something so unique and lengthy. For that reason I'd like to thank everyone who made a map for this project. Here they are, and their maps which you can experience:
  1. Biomechanoid's "Fortress of Dreams"
  2. Neo_Minigan's "Prison of the Skull"
  3. IDGCaptainRussia's "Shattered Dreams"
  4. Pan's "KneeDeep"
  5. StealthToast's "Necropolis"
  6. Kodatarule's "Dark Secrets"
  7. Opticus's "Heaven Realm"
  8. Harbinger's "Nightmare Realm"
  9. Asdolg's "Ancient Complex"
  10. Devostator's "Ruins of Tenebriaquies"
Keep your eyes on this site for sign-ups of the event! And if you won't be able to attend next Saturday, then we wish you much fun with the campaign in Singleplayer. It will most likely take you around four or five hours to complete, so please, enjoy! And after that, you can look forward to the release of the Red Edition, sometime in the first half of next year.

Some fun facts about the development of the mod to close off this article: