Event Recap: Week 50, 2018
By Mauritsio

A great mix of a nice UNO MAS and one new Fusion release this week!
Yeah, it's a day late again. Starting from next week this will no longer happen for a while, promise.

Saturday's buzzword was "betrayal". In more than just one ways were our trusts in one another betrayed through the means of the Garry's Mod gamemode Trouble in Terrorist Town. As part of the UNO MAS events, we decided to experience the once-proud TTT events another time with just vanilla weapons (plus Thriller, everyone likes the Thriller Gun) and models. False accusations run amuck as people were accused as being Traitors while they were not - and Traitors took full advantage of that. Plenty of rounds where the Traitor could make do with just a single kill and still win. But we had many other moments ending in massacre: during one round with 5 players remaining alive, Lapper had the bright idea to form a circle and have everyone shoot the person to the right at the same time - terminator was having none of it and shot prematurely while the Traitor, Owlet, stepped back and finished off the last survivor easily - a hilarious clutch. Or during that incredibly tense last round when Mauri was the sole Traitor and was forced to betray Roy and Lone Wolf's trust in a standoff against Pan that hung on hitting a single shot - and missed. Sorry Global, Roy's retaining his 100% win rate... until the next TTT event in a year.

Sunday was the Beavis and Butthead appreciation event... oh wait, no, it wasn't. But I swear it could've been. Anyway, we played a new gamemode release by nano - or should I say, gamemode releases by nano! The mod is bluntly called nano's Gamemodes and its main attraction is "Gungame" - modelled after the gamemode of the same name from games like Call of Duty, where a kill with one weapon nets you another, and the winner is the one getting a kill with the final weapon. As expected not everything goes right during Fusion events, starting two seperate "movements": one to remove the Colts from the gamemode due to them just being so unreliable and one for Pan to re-check all the spawns in Serious Fantasy Legends because people kept getting turned the wrong way upon spawning. Yet the highlight of this event doesn't even revolve around the gamemode, but rather this event marks the time Pan has laughed for the longest time on end in possibly his entire life after a slightly immaturely misplaced joke by Lapper. Actually, it scared people a little. I just hope his muscles are still ok after this event.