Event Recap: Week 51, 2018
By Mauritsio

The weekend before Christmas marked a double whammy of old and new Fusion content - and it's one of our greatest weeks so far.

Saturday was our second episode in the Modder Marathon events, where we play through a collection of one person's best mods. This turn went to Ryason55, playing through mostly his Versus map "Procedural Skyways" - a randomly generated set of paths with all kinds of custom weaponry spread out among it. Although this randomizer is very impressive and can even be themed, it is not without its bugs - we've had to figure out why instant kill rendered us invulnerable for one round. Strangely, it seems crouching is the culprit. I guess that bug has not been fully patched out of Fusion yet, hmm... on the other hand, Procedural Skyways featured a good amount of support for gamemodes like Capture the Flag and My Burden, which kept things varied. Especially the My Burden round was... hectic, to say the least of it. Finally, we closed off with "Guided Engagement", in which players from each team take turns in a 1v1 to navigate through a randomly created maze and kill each other using guided rocket launchers. The coordination we saw between teams (or at least, the team which had all the people with a microphone on it) is what we should have seen during Capture the Flag - maybe we would've won some more! Ah well, no sense crying over spilled milk.

Sunday marked one of our biggest and greatest events in a long while - celebrating the release of the 7Smoke Tennis 2018: Blue Edition, which you've no doubt heard of if you've been looking at this site for the last two weeks. This project over a year in the making finally released two weeks ago, and we prepared ourselves to play it for the first time on Sunday. Being such a major release, the biggest part of that preparation included a sign-up thread: if you wanted to ensure you could play at this event, you'd have to go to the Steam group's discussion board and leave a message too. The ±32 players who did sign up were spread out over two servers: Server 1 and server 2. At the release event for Tennis 4, we only had ±24 players and this meant that Server 2 would have much less players - yet those who were there insisted their experience was better than Server 1's. Ever since Server 2 has attained a running gag status, and in this event the rivalries between these two servers were nothing short of fierce - it ended up becoming a race of who would finish the campaign first It's hard to do the greatest moments of each server justice at the same time, but I'll do my best.
Server 2 was constantly flexing their muscles with their slightly larger player-count and even stealing players from Server 1 - one they maintained for most of the event. They also created their own meme with the voice line "Our path surely lies beyond that dream seal - to break it, we should find a holy tome" being repeated ad infinitum due to a bug, treading in the footsteps of that one "Blocked, there is probably a mechanism nearby" line from Tennis 4. Server 2 made sure to get much more out of nothing, by filling the exposition cutscene with Kamikaze screams and overusing dance animations.
The real rivalry between the two servers began when the crashes inevitably started. At one point both servers experienced the same crash - Server 1 skipped the level in question, while Server 2 replayed it. This put the two servers neck-to-neck in terms of campaign progress. When the time came for the prelude to the final boss, another bug spawning infinite backpacks caused both servers to lag out and crash. Speeding their way to victory both servers used cheats to skip to the final boss in a heated moment. But I wasn't having any of this antagonism, so I created server 1½ - and had everyone from Server 2 migrate there! Truly, the best server. When we finished we even made a Server 5 - thought not as good as Server 1½, it served as a nice post-discussion chatroom (and also a room solely for talking about dogs, the group's favourite animal).
Nano has the whole thing recorded from Server 2's perspective, so you can look back on your favorite moments if you so wish. There's just so much more in there but I'd be going on forever if I gave everything it's rightful mention. Thanks to everyone who attended this amazing event! You truly made it worth the while, on both servers.

Only one week left this year! Happy Holidays!