7Smoke looks back on 2018
By Mauritsio

It's been a long year behind us, making some great strides this year both in events and gaining new members. So, to look back at our favourite memories, I asked a few members the question "what are your most remarkable 7Smoke-related memories during 2018?" And I've compiled their answers here!

For Roy, it's hosting a lot of Croteam-related contests and competitions, hosting the release events on Serious Sam Fusion and I Hate Running Backwards and of course - 7Smoke finally releasing Tennis 2018 with so many people with different skillsets working together - and still managing to have quality in the end product. "It's a tough task, yet I think they did a remarkable job."

For Pan, his rise to infamy as his murder rate in the community grew was a stand out - and the consequent fear of who would be next. "Laughing so hard I cried at the Nano Marathon event was also nice. I've had a real good time playing all the non-Serious Sam games lately with 7Smoke as variety is the spice of life and I get to experience those games with people I don't normally see. So that's nice. The community all coming together in disappointment over Serious Sam 4's treatment at E3 was also quite interesting. It was so much like that time we were brought together in disappointment with TLH's announcement. I will always remember TLH with Mauritsio being the first person to say anything. The rooms dead quiet and everyone's speechless at this VR Title. Then Mauritsio pipes up "THAT WAS IT?!". Good times."

For nano, it's a hard question. "This year was full of things I had enjoyed. It's hard to pinpoint a specific thing. Though, maybe the pre-release event on the Quake III Arena: Fusion mod. It was the first time something that I had made was played publically - I was so anxious the day before, trying to patch any issues, and constantly testing - worried about how people would react to my first mod ever. And, to my pleasant surprise - the event turned out to be massively fun, with people actually enjoying the mod! That made me genuinely happy, and made me wanna work on Q3A:F more. This is probably what I'd consider my most remarkable memory, though it's only one of the many that I had and in all honesty, I enjoyed most of the things I've been involved in this entire year. Except for VRChat."

For noam 2000, although really recent, the Tennis 2018 event was a great way to end another year of 7Smoke for him. "It was one of our largest events this year with two full servers playing a special mod that everyone took part in. It brought back those same memories from the Tennis 4 launch event, with the server wars making a return - server 1 and 2 competing against each other to be the "better" server, and in general, there were so many great moments all around, and everyone laughed and had so much fun during the event which felt really heartwarming and nice, considering the fact that it took us over a year and a half to release Tennis 2018! The event made everything so much worth it, and just like Tennis 4, even spawned its own memes! It was one of the wildest and biggest moments that there was in 7Smoke in 2018 among many others, but for me personally, I think this will be my defining memory of 2018 - all the passionate people of 7Smoke coming together to play a product made by the passionate people of 7Smoke."

For anomalous, his favorite moments were the Royal Rumble, the Sven Coop event in October, and a nutbar event where we found an online tool that let us all draw on a single canvas.

For StrikeUnleashed, it was a great but short Dungeons and Dragons tour, the Monopoly underground event with Pan and him in the final rounds - and that CS:GO free-to-play event. (And the Bogus Detour survival event he won! Show-off!)

For Global, the most remarkable non-event memory is the MTR event where Roy, Lapper, Fuzblez and nano(?) performed an exorcism on him for over an hour (never try to post devil pictures in #mansion). "It showed me that MTR can be a good place even though I was bullied there a lot. From the event pool I would pick Tennis Blue Campaign, because the amount of new memes made me enjoy Serious Sam events again. I will also never forget Spongebob movie night, which made me feel like a goofy goober."

For myself, I'll never forget the physical exercise I got during the Who Killed Captain Alex cinema event. The amazing special effects and perfect narration were truly off this world making for a euphoric experience. What I'll miss the most this year are the TTT events, they're unfortunately a little past their lifespan, and those nail-biting moments are some I'll never quite forget.

For Csaba, he will never forgetti Pan's spaghetti. And while we're talking about Csaba, we'll close off this article with a 7Smoke 2018 compilation video he made just in time for this article, featuring the best moments from all events in this year. Let's hope we can make as many nice memories next year too!