Event Recap: Week 52, 2018
By Mauritsio & Pan

For the final event of 2018, we went... skateboards?!
Shoutout to Pan for writing tonight's entire event recap!

Saturday, about 6-8 of us got together to play Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, the Belmont Walking Simulator, in multiplayer! We completed the first chapter to get the newer players acquainted and then went on to beat Chapters 3 and 4. It was a lot of work but we managed to do it thanks to some good ol' fashioned teamwork. In Chapter 3 there was a large undead boss we had to kill by using a gargantuan axe that was connected to the roof. One group of people are meant to wind it up, one pulls the lever whilst the team on the ground leads the boss to the middle to be hit by the axe and then DPS the weak point. Unfortunately only Csaba could do the winding up of the axe as everyone else fell down. Everyone else was on DPS duty. Ryason was originally meant to be lever puller extraordinaire but he also fell down. Sad. But thanks to Csaba whipping that bad axe into place for 5-10 minutes we managed to beat the boss on our second try. We then went to the Circus and Gallery themed Chapter 4 with some random players from online joining us. It went over a lot faster thanks to their experience but we still got to explore and have a good time. Gaz enjoyed pushing a light backwards and forwards for 2 minutes and contributed not much else. But he was loving it, so we don't mind.

Sunday, our final event for the year, we played Tony Hawk's Underground 2, the well-known skateboarding game, which has a free fan patch that fixes its online mode, improves the engine and brings all kinds of skate parks and maps from the past and future games into one title. Pan really enjoyed reliving his past with Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 and 3 maps, as well as listening to the music of his childhood and some new ones! Some stand outs were Lapper finally going to hell and doing some sick tricks and Pan finding out that there's a move where you extend your tongue out 10x longer than it should in order to 'lick the board'. We played some game modes like Slap Fight, King of the Hill and Trick Attack. But it was clear most people at the event were keen to just enjoy free skate.

It's almost time - next month we'll be hosting the 7Smoke Awards 2018 on the group's 7th Anniversary! Trust me, we'll be doing our best to make it as extensive and extravagant as possible. For now, here's the last Event of the Month for December! Thought this one might not even be fair...

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