The Best of 7Smoke Royal Rumble (so far)
By Mauritsio

Smokemania and the 7Smoke Royal Rumble is a yearly-occurring video series curated by Pan, in which 7Smoke members are turned into avatars in the WWE series of games based on the American wrestling shows. As such, 7Smokers go toe to toe attempting to throw each other out of the ring and following the videos which have been going for a few years, it's much like the real thing. In these Wrestling "storylines" the real WWE presents, you've got the Heels (antagonized wrestlers) being jeered at, like Roy - we're still bittersweet after his last victory! But also the Faces (heroic good guys) often being favoured strongly by the community, like bench, who nobody can really hate. And Roy hates that! Most of all it's just fun to what kind of "match-ups" you'll end up with. For example, at the latest Royal Rumble, it would be the evil "Groteam" taking out Vanya, since we all know the Serious Editor is less than a little stable at times - screwing over frequent modders like our resident Mexican - but it seems this too rings true outside the ring.

With Roy having won the latest Rumble, tomorrow he'll find out who is his final opponent for the title of 7Smoke Wrestling Champion of 2019! In preparation, we're looking back at some of the greatest moments from every Royal Rumble so far.

The first Royal Rumble had humble beginnings - with "only" twenty wrestlers contending, you've got both representation from known members and 7Smoke in-joke characters like Horsam. And Pan might tell you that it has not aged well, but the best part of this is the memories around them. We used to watch these Rumbles in Garry's Mod, actually, through a Cinema mod for the game, in which we'd gather in the virtual cinema and watch the video at the same time together. Some of the best reactions were possible thanks to this Cinema, something I'll miss dearly.

Next year's Royal Rumble stepped it up a notch by increasing the amount of wrestlers to 30! Some old characters went out, some new ones gladly made their debut. Sexyroth's a... addition I'm not really sure why many people don't remember it. Hey, if we can make a rocket a wrestler, the door's open for anything, isn't it? But overall the quality for the Royal Rumbles started to improve greatly from this point. But it's also the point where our member Adolf first drew as the last wrestler and has held that position EVERY OTHER RUMBLE SO FAR. So maybe it's not all so great. (I'm not salty, or anything!)

Commercial Break Fun Fact!
Did you know that in every Royal Rumble, there is never a period longer than 2 minutes without a Bulgarian in the ring?

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2018 is where things started to get really interesting, and I personally hold this one as the best Rumble we've seen yet. (I remember it well because it's the one where I got grounded for nearly screaming by being so hyped. True story.) Most notably I remember it well for its records it set - shortest wrestler in the ring was Finzy with his mighty 3 seconds (timestamp: 8:36) thanks to being thrown out by bench (which marked his beginning as the 7Smoke wrestling "bully") - still the undefeated longest survivor is yours truly, Mauritsio, at over 17 minutes staying in without even knocking out a single opponent - no wonder nobody wants to throw him out. This one probably had the best newcomers too - who can forget the hysteria when we first saw Anomalous appear, or Tech Support Hamid? Or even better - Rusev Machka himself, as a special guest! The "images" created by that final feud between Csaba and Adolf is also something that's hard to get out of everyone's minds.

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The most recent addition, hosted only three months ago, follows up more directly to the 2018 Rumble, keeping mostly the same roster but adding in newer members and in-jokes like The Colourful Man or Resors Boi. Or The Interviewer, who still didn't deliver me his interview he promised ages ago! Ah well, time will tell on that one. And it seems we still have a knack for those final duels, because Roy vs. Nano may have been one of the most nail-biting showdowns throughout every Rumble. We weren't sure if we wanted to root for anime, but with Roy, the #1 Heel winning this Rumble, we definitely will be in Smokemania coming tomorrow. Or at least, that's what the writers want you to do!