Event Recap: Week 1, 2019
By Mauritsio

You know the new year is off to a great start when people are already calling these events "Event of the Year 2019"!

Friday events are mostly underground events nowadays - it really is mostly considered the underground day of 7Smoke. But this Friday, because of a long-time request by Gamevoin, we decided to respect it and give him his long waited Doom Invasion playthrough as the very first event of 2019! What an honour. The event itself went fairly good with about eight players attending - lots of carnage and glitchy maps from time to time. And server crashes, of course. Just the usual stuff, you know? Not much else to say there.

Saturday is where it starts to get really juicy! Our first Serious Sam event this year will give Sam 4 a run for its money (if it comes out at the end of this year) - we played Serious Carnage by StealthToast, one of the oldest mods we've played during 7Smoke events, our first playthrough dating way back to 2013! It was fighting for a slot at first and the server filled up within a matter of a minute - even old members like Vanya (who otherwise never joins events!) came in to say hi - in fact he requested this event. Serious Carnage is a total conversion for SSHD that increases the enemy count tenfold - and boosts the player's speed to go with it, making for an incredibly fast-paced Sam experience. This mod is notorious for its high amount of Highlander enemies and this held true throughout the event - one of our highlights is bombarding every Highlander we saw with a constant stream of lasers while one of our event patrons played Star Wars music in the background (gotta have that maximum turbolaser firepower) - to a point where our own laser projectiles collided with each other! Or how about that time we decided to use exclusively the Grenade Launcher against the Marsh Hopper boss battle - but that caused the game to lag so much and the Marsh Hoppers made their own tower of power in retaliation!
The climax of the event is the boss battle against Roy-Zan: Ugh-Zan with a Roy paper mask on. It's actually one of the very first 7Smoke "memes", and here too we ended the event with a laser light show. No wonder people call this Event of the Year already - it was chaotic through and through! And it's definitely a contender for Event of the Month - although it also has to go up against Sunday's event...

Sunday, namely, was the Smokemania 2019 viewing event. I explained what the 7Smoke Royal Rumble and Smokemania are all about in the article from two days back. This time the wresting festivities were focused around three events: a six-man Rumble, a Tornado Tag Team and the Main Event for the Championship Title! I should also mention that we viewed some games of 7Smoke-themed baseball inbetween the wrestling matches - but as the event has already proven, nobody in this group knows how to play baseball, so I'll just acknowledge its existence.
The six-man Rumble was a traditional match to decide who would be going up against Roy, the 7Smoke Wrestling Champion, and challenge him for his title. The six contenders, as decided upon by members shortly after the conclusion of the previous Royal Rumble, were Adolf, Bench, Global102, Mauritsio, Nano and Sparky, with the greatest entrance to date. After a fierce battle, the end duel between... ah, you know what, you should experience it for yourself, if you didn't! View it without reactions here and with reactions here.
The Tornado Tag Team match is a 2v2 in which the elimination rule is not throwing an opponent out of the ring, but pinning them down on the floor for at least three seconds. Here we have newcomer StrikeUnleashed pairing up with Lapper Snapper against The Colourful Man and Lone Wolf. The latter came up on top by brutally messing up Lapper's corpse, then dragging it over the floor, and only getting narily saved one by his German comrade - by the second time it was too late.
For the main event, the winner of the six-man Rumble, Mauri, battled Roy for the champion's belt in a match where one must untie the belt hanging from the ceiling, reaching it using a ladder - an item you can also use for smacking people! With Mauri knocking out Roy with the power of brocolli while on the ladder, he took the belt from Roy and is now your new 7Smoke Wrestling Champion! That is, until next year, when he must defend his title at the next Smokemania event...

The Event of the Month for December is known - and I'm sure it won't surprise many of you - the winner is The 7Smoke Tennis Project 2018: Blue Edition Release Event! Of course, that event simply had too much going for itself to NOT be the Event of the Month winner, all of which I explained in the relevant event recap. I'll never forget the Server 1 and 2 feud. What some of you might be surprised to learn however is that for a while, the winner was not going to be Tennis - but rather the Christmas TTT event! If it wasn't for the reminder I posted, it might have actually stayed that way. I'm not against TTT winning, but man, imagine the uproar if Tennis which literally had 32 players join wouldn't win! (Something, something, rigged.)

With this, all the finalists for the Event of the Year 2018 award are known, and you, the 7Smokers, will get to decide on the true winner in the upcoming 7Smoke Awards, which will finally happen around the group's seventh anniversary! Stay tuned as we'll be revealing some tidbits on the nominee voting, awards ceremony and more near the end of this week. I can't wait to make everyone lower my microphone volume again!
You can see this full list of nominees here. Now, if you would please excuse me - I must visit the dry cleaner to pick up my tuxedo...