Announcing the 7Smoke Awards 2018!
By Mauritsio

We have another great year behind us, and now it is time to formally close it. Welcome to the 7Smoke Awards 2018!

The 7Smoke Awards 2018 is our third annual 7Smoke Awards, where members look back at everything that happened during the previous year by voting through seven categories, standing in as the many different aspects of that year - be it the events, the members or the mods. The best from these categories will converge at the Awards Ceremony, live from the 7Smoke Discord, where the winners of those categories are decided - they will go on to serve as a reminder of the greatest we've had from that year.

This year will be no exception, and since it's the group's 7th anniversary, we are not pulling any stops! We've made sure that the Awards Ceremony will be even more grand this time - not only have we added in more jazz music to play, but we're also changing up some of the categories to represent our biggest strides this year. New categories are New Member of the Year, $4.99 Club Member of the Year and Custom Map of the Year. Indeed, we've got a lot of new blood in the group this year, Roy's wallet has been firmly filled and we saw some of the highest quality custom maps come out this year. Returning categories are Event of the Year, Modder of the Year, Meme of the Year and Movie of the Year! Event and Movie of the Year generated a lot of hype last year, so keeping them in is a no-brainer. As well, there are many new possible nominees for Modder and Meme of the Year, so we're excited to see how they pan out this year!

So, does this mean you have to be present during the Awards Ceremony to vote? The answer is no. Here I'll line up the schedule for the 7Smoke Awards briefly:
Last year's Awards Ceremony was crazy and we had many people turn up - since our group has grown so much this year, we're expecting even more people to join us this year at the 7Smoke Discord! Be sure you're there too! And now, you can get to voting for the Awards!

Cast your vote here!