Event Recap: Week 2, 2019
By Mauritsio

Do you ever eat a breathmint?

Saturday we played through a newly updated campaign for Fusion - the Serious Duke 3D campaign by Syndroid - turning the entirety of the original Duke Nukem 3D's campaign into a playable set of Fusion levels! Well, not the entire campaign, since it's just the first four levels now, from Hollywood Holocaust to Toxic Dump - but since the fourth level was added recently, we thought "why not give it a go"? But as you'd expect with a Fusion event, it was littered with crashes - which is usual, but this event especially so! The mod turned out to be a little unstable in specific situations... forcing us to restart levels over and over again, to a point where we'd be forced to call it quits and skip to the next level. Which we'd rather not do, but with a new crash seemingly every other fifteen minutes, we didn't have much of a choice. One of the moments that sticks with me is our "battle" against the chair. In the last level, it is required to push a chair over a gap so a new area can be reached. Only in Multiplayer, this chair prop is not exactly the most stable - so it became a challenge just to stay on the chair!  But after the peerless efforts of one half kicking the chair, another half playing with a beheaded man's body (alas, poor Fork Parker) and some lone heroes balancing themselves on the chair - we made it through. But not everyone made it through the submarine - only so many of us learned to swim, apparently, and Ryason voluntary stayed behind... the submarine ended up becoming his bird cage. (Yes, he drowned. I think. Or maybe he escaped. I wasn't paying attention.) Anyway, surely - a fun event, and a nice way to pass the time whilst we wait for major content rolls out... which could take a while... yeah, I'll just wait here.

Sunday was the continuation of our Castlevania: Harmony of Despair playthrough from two weeks ago. Unfortunately not as populated as that previous event was, we still made due with what we could - and it turned out pretty fun. Traveling through a place that seemed eerily similar to (an unescapable version of) Egypt, having our framerates destroyed by Death's spam of scythe summoning and collectively punching Count Dracula until our fists got sore are the memories we'll keep from this event. Hey, doesn't need to be a crowd every event, does it? Man, back in 2012, we thought 3 people was a massive success! Can you imagine?