7Years 7Smoke: Event Statistics

7Smoke is turning 7Years on January 22nd - next Tuesday! For that reason, we have prepared all kinds of cool stuff for the group - one of them being a lengthy amount of 7Smoke event statistics which we’re going to show in this article!

For this article we’ll highlight the more interesting stuff - but if you want to see the full statistics, you can head on over here!

Shoutout to Global102 for compiling these!

Let’s begin the “analysis” with the record holder for most events - this will come as no surprise - Serious Sam 3: BFE.

BFE was the reason this group was made in the first place. The newest game in the Serious Sam franchise was out, and I (Roy) was very hungry for some multiplayer action after finishing the campaign in co-op with my friend Voksi.
We had a whole total of 8 events on the game in 2012 - with the first one being a joint event with the Serious Manly Marathon group - which was created by FunkyFinzy. We played on the then recently released custom maps - which you had to manually download, since the Workshop didn’t appear until very late into the year. Figuring out where to put dem gro files was tough, thankfully, Biomechanoid showed us how. As for the rest of the events that year… we can’t really call them an events - but attempts at doing something interesting.

Things started picking up much faster in 2013 - when we had 7 events in January alone!... followed by 0 in February. And by March, events first started becoming a weekly occurrence in 7Smoke - this year ended with 53 BFE events behind us.

BFE in 2014 was even hotter: the Workshop got very close to having new event-worthy content being released on a weekly basis - maps like the Serious Christmas campaign, Fatum’s World, The Flemoid Encounter, and more started appearing - so our reliance on Vanilla events decreased and we focused ourselves on playing as many custom maps as we could.

2015 was the real peak for BFE - with 85 events in this year alone! Old and new members would collide, the first Tennis mappacks came about as well as other maps like Biomechanoid’s endless stream of 7Smoke-themed Survival maps and the final few Horsam DLCs - all kinds of interesting stuff came along and the need for a vanilla event was, at this point, non-existent.

2016 is the year were BFE started to waver - people were slowly losing that spark for playing and modding it. We saw old faces going inactive or focusing more on their real life business: yet group activity stayed the same as we gained new group members such as LADMan. We lowered the amount of BFE content but kept our focus on making the experience more unique by having different sets of themes for every event - and on top of that, we started using voice chat which increased the enjoyment a lot! 2016 still takes claim to some of the best BFE events we’ve had to date.

2017 is where BFE had its final moments with us - after a reign of five long years, it was time for BFE to pass the torch to the next game - Serious Sam Fusion, which was released on March 21st, 2017. Yet even after Fusion came out, BFE did not go out without a fight - 32 events this year, which just so happens to be the same amount as the number of Fusion events this year. BFE’s end would truly come in 2018. It’s thanks to the fact that Fusion had many issues in its first days - like the Infinite View Bug - we stuck with BFE for a little while longer, at the same time trying out new content on the Fusion workshop.

Finally, in 2018, BFE had the lowest amount of events ever made for it in our group - 2 compared to the eight we had in 2012, when we barely had the group set up. The first of those events, Team Beast Hunt, wasn’t memorable at all - but the final, a Serious Box Solid event (which got close to an Event of the Month spot!) drew a full server of people wanting to play this classic mod, which is still BFE-exclusive (but a Fusion version forthcoming!). And thus, BFE finished with 315 events over the seven years we’ve played it.

Moving up to the next title: Serious Sam (HD): The First and Second Encounters!

For a lot of our members, the HD games provide much better gameplay and an improved vanilla experience - but because the games lack the amount of interesting mods and maps BFE provides, due to modding difficulties, we played them far less than BFE - but it’s still the game we played the second most: TSE nailing 114 events and TFE just 4, for the seven years we’ve existed.

TSE started with 6 events in 2012, peaking at 33 in 2014 and then having 17 events over the two years following - until 2018, where it fell to its lowest: just 3 events. And it will most likely stay like this forever - as Fusion is slowly taking over. The only mods that keep drawing us back in would be Serious Carnage and Seriously! Kart.

The Serious Sam Classics never worked as intended, because of how unstable the servers get with 16 people - but because of its dedicated fanbase it still has (and will always have), we try to do one or two Classic events every season in the year - and so we end up with 18 Classic Second Encounter events and 11 Classic First Encounter events.

Next, the miscellaneous Sam games - indies, 2, and Revolution!

At 7Smoke, we unconditionally love all the Sam games - and the indie games are no exception. A good amount of our members helped in the beta testing of I Hate Running Backwards and Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour - we have also organized release parties for all these games, first with Serious Sam Revolution on its release date back in 2014 - despite listen servers somehow not working, we still managed to get the event working even on low framerates caused by the unstable netcode. We also held contests and competitions on all of them - even for Serious Sam: Double D back in 2013 - for which we’d formally like to thank Croteam for endorsing these contests and sometimes even providing prices for them!

We also had a truly remarkable release event on Bogus Detour - which I think still holds the record of most players in one server!

In the end we made 9 events on Bogus Detour - and they were actually all pretty fun! The reason we haven’t made more of them, and don’t really plan to in the future, is because the game does not have a join in progress functionality. Add that to the fact that it is not the most stable thing ever… doesn’t make for long experiences, usually.

But it still beats Serious Sam Revolution, which we had 7 events on… none of which worked really properly due to the game’s netcode. Kind of a shame, really.

Serious Sam 2 had 14 events made for it - and we have to admit they were always very memorable and it’s fun to look back on. We will still create SS2 events from time to time - just not very often. That way the events will stay special.

And this is where we conclude the events on the Serious Sam franchise - with 573 Serious Sam events out of 7Smoke’s total number of 900 events! Quite a number!

On to some other games we enjoyed: Garry’s Mod, Killing Floor, and much, much more!

The fourth most played game in our group is Garry’s Mod: with a total of 52. Now you have to keep in mind that from 2012 until 2015, we only had two events - so from 2016 to 2018 we’ve had 50 events! It’s all thanks to the super hot gamemode Trouble in Terrorist Town, which always brings out the “best” in us - peaking at 22 events in 2017 and falling to 13 in 2018. Also fun to note is that 7Smoke’s longest event ever, was, a TTT event - 7 hours worth of traitor hunting!

Our 5th and 6th most played games are Killing Floor with 40 events and Left 4 Dead 2 with 37. The amount of KF and L4D2 events are this high mostly thanks to the “Massacre“ and “Halloween” themed event seasons we hosted in 2013 and 2014, where we constantly played all kinds of horror games and themed mods. Killing Floor peaked with 22 events in 2013 and Left 4 Dead with 22 in 2014. These were the years back when we hosted dedicated servers on the games. 2017 and 2018 saw no Killing Floor events - that spark is out - but 5 on the sequel Killing Floor 2, which goes strong from time to time. Left 4 Dead 2 got 2 events in the same period of time.

As you’ll notice, a lot of games in the statistics have a very small amount of events made on them - but that’s mainly because those games have been primarily hosted through “Underground” sessions, meaning they are not counted as official events. We’re talking about names like: Cards Against Humanity, 7Smoke Cinema, VRChat, Don’t Starve Together, Grand Theft Auto V, Overwatch, Quake Champions, Black Squad, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dying Light, Dead By Daylight and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. These are all games we’ve enjoyed plenty outside the official events!

And finally, some special mentions.

The first, very special mention, goes to Moonbase Alpha: we have this tradition of playing this game only once a year, on every May the 20th, which is when we originally played it in 2013. This tradition has remained for six years now and always provides us with some of the most hilarious 7Smoke moments.

Snow: Another game we play very very rarely - like once or twice a year as tradition - and whenever bench gets a chance to, he posts a new event on the calendar. He once scheduled an event on Snow for 2018 three years prior - and it’s turned into a meme ever since.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: At first you might not be able to see how RTCW events can become so memorable - but with  the right people, you can turn anything into a fun time, as proven by the “Tree Guy” meme.

Sven Co-Op: I personally have no idea what’s so special about these events. I never joined any of them - but every time we have such an event, I always see members in the chat saying how they regret playing it and that it messed up their brain quite a bit - I see those very same people joining every subsequent Sven event. Whatever goes down at those times, I’d rather keep that behind closed doors.

Street Football: Where Pan spent like 8.99$ on useless skins. That’s all (and Team Bulgaria won!).

Also, this one poker event (Governor of Poker 3) where I took all of the money from our members and we were unable to re-do the event - as all these funds are now stuck with me. What a shame.

Another mention goes out to the 3 Team Fortress 2 events we had - where we hoped the game would turn out to be just a little better than we remembered… no idea how we managed to lie to ourselves three times in a row. Ah well, at least the events went okay.

Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West and Fistful of Frags are our two favorite Western-themed shooters games which we like to play from time to time - and act all old-fashioned! Most of those events always provided us with good emotions and fun times. The count’s at 8 for FoF and 5 for LaG.

And that’s all I have to say about our event statistics - feel free to read it all and go back in time, maybe drop a tear or two thinking back on all those great moments you had here with us - or maybe catch up on what 7Smoke has been doing while you were gone… or maybe you haven’t even joined yet?! As for me, it’s been an honor and pleasure to create those events and share 900 wonderful moments with all group members - past and present.

Happy Anniversary!