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Battle Bolts - Release Event Recap!
#What's Smokin?! #Croteam Incubator #Battle Bolts

Thursday was a special day since we were finally allowed to celebrate the release of a new Croteam game! Okay, I won't sugar-coat anything - it was the release of a Croteam Incubator game. Sorry, Sam 4 fanatics, your time will come soon. Maybe...

AMA with Binx Interactive - The Answers!
#Croteam Incubator #I Hate Running Backwards #Interview

Two weeks ago we announced that we would be hosting an AMA session with the team behind “I Hate Running Backwards”, Binx Interactive, who are also a part of the Croteam Incubator. And now we have the answers to your questions! We hope you find...

AMA with Binx Interactive!
#Croteam Incubator #Interview
Early last month, we hosted an interview with none other than the voice actor of Serious Sam, John J. Dick. And we’re continuing the trend of interviewing Croteam people - we will now host a interview with the Croteam Incubator team Binx...

Community Interview with John J. Dick!
#Interview #Croteam Incubator #Tormental
Recently the developers of Tormental, the upcoming Croteam Incubator game, have had the chance to interview the voice actor of Serious Sam himself, John J. Dick! In their interview, they talk about his experience with the game so far and of...

I Hate Running Backwards Switches it up!
#I Hate Running Backwards #Croteam Incubator
A few days ago, I Hate Running Backwards released for Nintendo Switch!

The Binx Interactive/Croteam Incubator shoot-em-down game came out for PC and consoles back in May. Before and since then, 7Smoke has been supportive in its development by...